Weekend Reading

Since there tend to be a flurry of threads and comments on weekdays and fewer on weekends, this thread collects one-off, irregular, new, or lower-profile threads from earlier in the week (last Saturday – Friday). This doesn’t include every single thread (what would be the point of that?) — it’s more threads that people may have missed and wish they’d known about or might want to know about moving forward (so if it’s a well-established recurring thread or a stand-alone thread that got plenty of traction already, I probably left it out — though I might include a well-traveled or long-running thread from time to time just to catch the eye of someone who, for instance, had no idea there’s a daily Jeopardy! recap thread). I’m sure I left out a thread I should have included, and vice versa, but I promise it’s not personal! Feel free to tag me (@forget_it_jake:disqus) about anything you wish were here but isn’t (e.g., your thread got a decent amount of attention, but you’d like to see it featured here anyway), and I’ll edit it in (and you can promote it in the comments!).


100 Records That Set the World on Fire (While No One Was Listening)

Ad Space – Accidentally Aired the Pitch Meeting

Canada’s Drag Race Season 2: Episode 5 Discussion Thread

Crate Skimmers Sloot Super Special #1 Pokémon 25: The Album

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Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Nov. 12

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Svengoolie Discussion Thread 11/6/2021: Munster, Go Home!


Comic Book Review – Batman: The Impostor #1

Comic Book Review – Superman ’78 #2

Eternals review: Eternally Boring (Spoilers)

Foundation Season 1 Episode 9: The First Crisis Review

Hallmark Countdown to Christmas: You, Me & The Christmas Trees Recap/Review

Late to the Party: The Last Temptation of Christ

LGBT Movies: Total Eclipse (1995)

Public Domain Theater: A Farewell to Arms (& “Bosko the Doughboy”)

Ranger Ranker! #6 – Power Rangers Turbo

Spencer Review: Ghosts of Christmas Past

You Talking Trek to Me? (Best of Voyager Finale) – “Endgame”

WTF ASIA 186: The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2013)


The 11/11 Thursday Women+ Thread

All Things Cricket: November 12th

Avocado Music Club #131: Helmet – Meantime

The Avocado Parenting Thread Is Lonely

Color Outside the Lines: This Training is Mandatory

Couch Avocados: TV Discussion Thread

Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom: The Occasional Education Thread Calls it Quits

Dating, Relationships, and Sex: Sentimentality (11/10/2021)

An Extra Hour Of Sleep or An Extra Hour To Eat? Sunday Food Thread 11/7

Guy Talk: Men and Disability

Job Rants Thread – 11/12/2021 – Big Boy Pants

Musicals Thread (Funniest)

Week 10 NFL/CFB Live Thread

Weekly LGBT+ Discussion

Weekly YouTube Thread (11/8)


The Beatles Song Tournament Round 3

Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2009-2012: Top 64 (Part 2 of 2)

Smash Tournament: Brawl Quarterfinal

Speculative Television Tournament – Play-in Round

Tournament: Best Coen Brothers Movie (Results)