Let’s Talk Arrowverse – See Ya, Stargirl

This week heralded the Season 2 finale of Stargirl. I’m hoping to finally catch up on this season when the other shows go on winter hiatus (assuming winter hiatuses are still a thing, with how Covid’s thrown scheduling out of whack).

As for the the rest of this week’s programming, I’m just gonna mention my favorite moments from each ep.

Lex and Nxyly holding William at gunpoint. It’s such a tense and excellently creepy scene. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is the first time Supergirl has killed off a character in the main cast (in a non-“spin the Earth backwards and turn back time” scenario).

Legends of Tomorrow:
Easily the musical number. Gideon singing, Sara and Ava dancing, while the Hoovenator is an unwilling audience participant for some knife-throwing? Just aces.

The death trap Sophie and Alice were put into. No way it’s meant to make their deaths look like an accident; even if a CSI couldn’t figure out that they’d been tied to a chair at the time, spraying gasoline over everything would still give the game away. But that kinda makes me love it, ’cause I gotta think one of those BGs just had this cool idea for how to kill someone, and everyone just went along with it. When you do wetwork for a villainous secret society, you need to make your own fun.

Question of the Week: What scene or moment from the comics would you like to see recreated in the Arrowverse?