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Welcome all to the new and improved Avocado!  I’m here to tell you of all the ways you can stay up to date with the latest content.  The first way is of course the main page of  Important site information will be pinned to the top but after that, all the articles will be sorted chronologically to make it easy to see what’s new.


Next, by popular request, is Twitter. Just click the button below and every post will automatically be tweeted out and right into your feed (or whatever they call it on Twitter).

Your next option is the one I primarily use, RSS.  Using your favorite RSS Reader (I use, add the link for The Avocado’s RSS feed which is  This will notify you whenever a new thread is posted on the site.

Finally, there’s email. It requires a WordPress account but this will notify you of any post that is put up including those that are backdated (which these other services won’t). First, click the Reader Button in the upper left hand corner of the page followed by the Manage button

Email 1.JPG

Next, enter into the search window and hit follow.

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You can adjust the settings for frequency of emails (if you want them) and receive them for each post or if you are completely mad, each comment (you can also do this with RSS but why would you want to?).

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