Request to be a Publisher

The awesome thing for the mods (and I think a perk for the channel in general) is that we no longer have to worry about spambots coming along and creating threads trying to sell you something….or worse.  Any of the AVCAD users are welcome to create a thread with the one caveat that we need to set you up as a publisher.  You will have to create an account with WordPress in order to accomplish this but once you have a user name, you can just submit that WordPress name or your email address (not sure why you’d prefer that but whatever floats your boat) and we’ll add you to our list and you can publish away. Once you have a user name (or if you have one already) and would like to be an author, please submit that user name in the comment section here and an invite will be sent.

For those who want to create a WordPress account: Go to Click on “Get Started” in the top right hand corner, It will require you to select the kind of site you want to use, just choose Blog and create a name for it, like using whatever you want your wordpress account name to be. Then choose the free option on the next screen, and it will take you to setting up a user name and password. Once you have that user name, let me know what it is here.  After I see your request an invite will be sent to the email you registered your WP account with.  All you have to do is accept it and you’ll be one of us.

For those who signed up in the past but who are now encountering issues after we were forced to disconnect the users

1) Log into (Log out first if you were already logged in)
2) Visit
3) At the prompt, connect your account to login