The Avocado


I’m sure there will be plenty to add to this in the future.  Here’s just a very basic mockup.

How to I comment? 

Once the site becomes operational, DISQUS will be installed as a plug in so users will be able to use the same DISQUS that they are already using on the original channel.

How do I publish a thread?

Because this site is built using WordPress, users who are interested in being able to create a thread will have to register for a WordPress account and then either submit that user name or their email to be added to the list of publishers.  This access will be granted to any users interested, you just need to request access on the registration thread found here: Avocado Publisher Registration

For a guide on how to create a thread, please refer to this handy walk-thru created by Mindymoo.

What does this cost us?

Thanks to an “angel investor” the first year of this has already been paid for.  WordPress will cost the site $299 annually which we will fundraise for closer to when the next payment is due.  We will have the ability to add a donation button through Paypal that will will enable just until we reach the goal to pay that bill and go back to business as usual.  Absolutely no one here is going to profit off of this site.  It is strictly a labor of love and a group effort to keep this place going.  In order to keep it ad free(besides the DISQUS ads we have to have) fundraising is necessarily but I trust we can easily achieve that goal.

Can I still post through DISQUS natively and not through the site?

Yes.  Once DISQUS has been enabled on the site, we will have a our own DISQUS forum that you’ll be able to see threads, just not the headers, but have the ability to comment from that will show up on the site as well.  Unfortunately we cannot link it to the channel itself, but when we have a link it will look much like this (example provided is of the US Weekly’s Forum.    You’ll just click on comments and be able to post.

What happens to all the threads we created on the channel?


That’s a good question! Currently there are over 8000 threads on the channel and certainly for more than any of our unpaid admins to go about migrating them each one at a time, especially when a good many of them aren’t really going to generate more interest(i.e. meetup threads or liveblogging tvshow threads).  If you want to see an old thread you created be added into this new site, you are welcome to repost them over here.  Once you have been registered to publish to this new site, you will be able to copy and paste your old threads, you can even keep it in html form so you’d just have to find your old thread which is easily done through your DISQUS profit, open it up to edit and copy and paste it.  The only thing you will have to add is a tag on the side menu.   I request that if you chose this option, be mindful to not do them all at once.  We still want to make this site easy to navigate on a day to day basis.  If you see there have been a ton of threads made for a day, please just wait.  It gives your chance for your old work to have new life and it could be a lot of fun if some of you have done Q&A type threads like “Best Fictional Town to Live In” got another go round.  Its basically recycling, which is living green, so if you think about it, its actually good for everyone.