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RULES: Rules are non-negotiable and may lead to official warnings or bannings.

We are obliged to follow DISQUS’s Basic Rules and a list of those can be found here:

Also, this shouldn’t need to be stated, but we don’t accept hate speech here. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, slut shaming, or any of the many bigotries you can think of. Don’t do that stuff here. It WILL result in a warning.

1. Be mindful and respectful of other people’s boundaries. Some users are open to various levels of flirtation or down-talking, while others may not be. Everyone should feel free to politely state whether they’re being pushed out of their comfort zone, and everyone else must be able to respect that, as long as it’s reasonable. Please don’t go in assuming people will be okay with your flirting or down-talk. If you have an issue with content that some others may not, please discuss it with the moderators to see if we can accommodate everyone as best as possible.

2. Posting other people’s personal information is strictly prohibited, including that of non-users – this includes posting photos of other people without their consent (unless it’s a published photo of a member of the public) or sharing other identifiable information such as full names, addresses, etc.

3. Moderators have the final say in any dispute, unless it contradicts the rules posted here. If you have an issue that cannot be addressed by flagging, like with another user, a mod, or the board in general, please let either me know (best way by replying to a comment of mine. Choose a super old one if you want to remain private) or all mods via the moderator email account (

4. Moderators may be appointed at the discretion of the existing mods. Mods are chosen based on their competence, attitude, availability, and respect within the AVCAD community, plus whether they’re crazy enough to actually accept the role. However, IT IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST. No one is appointed just because they want it, or because they’re prominent. I can only ask you all to PLEASE view mods as custodians of our little society, rather than superiors, and for the mods to act accordingly. Also, I won’t remove a moderator unless there’s an extremely good reason to, but mods can request themselves to be removed (temporarily or permanently) and I will do so. Because DISQUS limits a channel to 10 specific moderators, there have been 9 who are appointed, and the 10th slot will be used with a default account called Avocado Mod. This will be an account that can be signed in by multiple users who are appointed on a temporary or need basis. For transparency sake, if there is a temporary mod on duty, that(or those) user names will be listed in the headers of OTs.

5. Targeted harassment/bullying – We all end up in clashes with other members sometimes, and that’s okay, as long as you’re not breaking any of the other 5 rules of the community. That being said, spamming a member as to provoke or incite a negative reaction or to constantly reinforce past grievances constitutes targeted harassment. For example, if you know another member doesn’t like one type of joke, consistently replying to them with that joke can be harassment. Similarly, if you’ve had an argument with a particular member months ago, continually responding to all their comments with “hey, remember that time you said Batman vs. Superman is great?” in an effort to upset them can be harassment, too. I know we all goof around with each other sometimes are there are instances of this exact same behavior that would be a welcome in-joke, of course. But please remember to use empathy and your best discretion to know the difference between “loving ribbing” and “outright bullying”.

GUIDELINES THAT ARE CONTINUOUSLY EVALUATED AND UPDATED TO REFLECT OUR COMMUNITY– Violating a guideline may result in a warning or deletion of post/thread:

1. Creating new discussions:New discussions should either be media/pop-culture related or related to the community. They should be open focused to foster discussion. For regularly themed threads(i.e Frinkiac, Mental Health, etc), users should be deferential to folks who have created or taken up the mantle of daily or weekly discussions of a certain theme, and have either not officially surrendered those discussions or have not gone dormant.

2. Daily/nightly open discussions: An “open” discussion will be posted twice a day, scheduled for 11:00 Eastern (08:00 Pacific) and 23:00 (11pm) Eastern (20:00/8pm Pacific). These open discussions are pretty much a free-for-all with no specific focus, just be mindful of the rules and guidelines. Anyone can make an Open Thread but it’s best to check on the current one to see if the next has been claimed to prevent duplication.

3. Adult content in general-purpose discussions: content should be kept to a level similar to what basic cable television channels. Remember that swear words are automatically sent to the mod-holding pin. Nudity or lascivious imagery should not be posted unless it’s so cartoony that no one would mistake it as true “adult content”, and the use of spoiler tags to block the image so those who are browsing at work don’t have issues is encouraged.

4. Adult content in specialized discussions: Discussions created specifically to discuss things of a more adult nature (such as the weekly fanfic thread) can progress further, though nothing beyond “hard R” in terms of images can be posted, and links to pornographic content must be marked as such. Also, THESE DISCUSSIONS MUST BE MARKED AS ‘NSFW’ IN THE DISCUSSION TITLE.

5. Disagreements are going to happen in a community of this size. If you find yourself in one that you are not comfortable with, walk away. If you need a mod to step in because someone is not letting you do that, flag the post, or notify a mod. Do not go over to other threads or further up the thread and create a new post with the intent of continuing the disagreement elsewhere, rallying support from those who don’t see the whole picture, or just rehash what happened, or other forms of vagueposting. Before creating a new post, ask yourself “does what I’m about to post help resolve this conflict, or is it likely to just create more drama and conflict?”. Also, do not make posts with the intention of inciting drama, such as bragging about blocking people or bringing up fights you were not involved in. This is an online forum, not a middle school.

6. Connected to this guideline is a suggestion: when you find yourself getting extremely upset or worked up about what is a simple disagreement (as opposed to things that outright break the rules or issues like hate speech and harassment), consider stepping away from the forum and doing something else until you feel calmer. It is sometimes easy to get very worked up or upset about internet discussions: it’s hard to read tone! But often sticking around to try and get the last word or to respond to every single post makes things worse for all involved, when taking a short break to go do something else might diffuse things.

7. While we have no way to police what goes on in Rabbit hangouts, you should be behaving there the same way you would here on The Avocado. If someone is harassing you or otherwise breaking our community rules in Rabbit, let the mods know and provide screencaps. This applies to other outside interactions like email, chats, games, etc. If someone is giving you trouble, let the mods know and provide screenshots.

8.This guideline pertains mostly to the Politics/Current Events threads. We ask that you please be considerate of who else is catching flak when you cast a wide net of insults about the looks of various politicians and pundits, or when you insult them based entirely on their gender. For example, when you want to post about Trump, we suggest you think about how people who are larger might feel if you comment in an extremely derogatory manner about his weight. Similarly, it is not okay to call Kellyanne Conway misogynistic slurs just because she’s an awful person. We ask that you read this article for more thoughts about these kinds of posts:

9. Guideline 9: While we appreciate that there are many members here who have an interest in discussing the current political climate, we ask that you recognize that political talk can be inherently stressful for some members. Therefore, please show consideration to them and keep outright political talk in the separately designated daily politics threads. If the politics thread is slow, feel free to announce in the OT that you have made a post there to direct discussion there. Otherwise, please try and keep controversial political talk out of the Open Threads.