Posting Walkthrough

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Some good resources in the meantime:

Official WordPress Guide

Looking for the latest guide for Block editor? Click here

I will be posting updates here as I go but will clean it up before the end. So stay with me here!

Signing in

No really. I know that this might seem like a joke but signing in and out of WP can be an issue. Also? It fixes about 90% of the problems you may have with WordPress. First thing to know: There’s actually two “versions” of WordPress. Login and + Write

I think this is what I mostly use when making a quick post. After logging into WordPress, when you visit The Avocado, you will get a ribbon along the top that includes + Write in the top left corner.

The WordPress Ribbon in action!

Write is what I use typically to put together a quick post. This works best for when you are making a post that has minimal overlap to any prior posts. It loads right into the WordPress Block Editor.

WordPress Admin Panel

This is the other way to review and make posts. The Admin Panel includes many features you don’t get from just clicking Write, including the ability to see your past posts and Clone them. This panel also allows you to delete Drafts and empty Trash as needed.

You can find the Admin panel at this link.

Thanks to Anukkai for the image.

How To Clone a Post

Before getting into Post creation, let’s say you want to copy an old post to re-use. You can do this through the Admin panel. Hover your mouse over the post you want to clone (Usually under “Mine” or “Published” headers. You will see Clone. Click that.

After clicking Clone, a new draft will appear in your Drafts folder. Note that it includes the original and the Cloned item. Make sure to edit the correct one.