New WordPress Changes: Block Editor


New to us, at least.

– The Kappa
And even make mini gifs!

So as a few of you have found out, the new look for us when making a page in WordPress looks a little different. The old way, “Classic”, was causing some issues with a few of our plugins. About 2 years ago with WordPress 5.0, the style of page creation moved from what we call Classic now, to something called Blocks.

First things first – if you want to test this out, note there is two ways to access WordPress: The Admin way and the way. Both ways should allow you to use the Block feature. If you’ve never used it before, you might get a pop up notifying you it’s enabled. If not, might want to try logging in and out or maybe resetting your cache. Once you’re logged in, you will know it’s Block if you look in the top right and it says Document and Block.

I don’t like this! Give me Classic back!

Good news is that Classic is still here, more or less. Click the plus sign in a circle. Type Classic. There it is.

Ok, this looks decent enough. What are some of the benefits?

Blocks lets you create … well, blocks of things. Images, video embeds, text etc. You can resize and move them as much as you want. Even for just text, there’s lots of little improvements. For example, ever get annoyed with Classic editor messing with paragraph or line breaks? Or ever want to make something multi-columned? Block lets you do all of those. And more! You can make as many or as few blocks as you want and there’s lots of customization for things like Spotify embeds, sign up sheets, countdown timers, etc.

Besides that, most of the Document column for posting should look 99% familiar.

What is this Featured Image from URL thing?

One other benefit for us in particular is that under Document you will see something called Featured Image by URL. We’ve been uploading our featured images to a library. That library is now around 50GB of images. We have a limit of 200GB. That means eventually, we are going to fill it up and will have to go through and delete images. That will lead to some pages from the past with empty header images. I wanna try to push that off as long as possible. One way to do that is for people to link to images for headers rather than uploading them to a library. This will let us do that.

For example, the featured image here is from a URL.

Politics Thread creators especially take note – For the PT and a few other recurring thread tags (Sex and Relationships, Color Outside the Lines, Jeopardy, Doctor Who, MCU, and Classic Coverage) you will notice a Featured Image auto-populate. This is by design through a plug in. Anything tagged with the associated tags of those features will automatically have a featured image pop in. You can delete or change that. Totally fine. Just if you see that, know it’s by design. Once you choose the corresponding tag (Politics Thread, for example) the White House image should load into the featured image box.

If you regularly host a reoccurring thread and would like me to have an image set up for your specific tag, let me know.

So is this just new stuff to have new stuff?

Honestly, not really. I know this gets tossed around a lot, but I really think that as people learn to use this style, it’s gonna open up the possibilities for how pages look. There’s a lot of tools that just aren’t there in Classic that I think we have enough creative people to really let mess around with the options. It’s gonna enable us to use a few more plugins that allow us to work on the look of the site, too.

Please keep in mind that people do browse on mobile. Be respectful with gif usage or mark posts if you plan on doing something image heavy.

A few advanced features

Spoiler Plugin Guide
Footnote Plugin Guide

If there are other features out there besides those you’d like me to look into for plugins, let me know.

Want to learn more?

Here’s a few links with helpful content

What are the big takeaways?

Block editing is here. You can still use Classic, kinda, if you prefer it.

Anything Else?

Disqus is still Disqus. Can’t change much with that.

I’m working on a Dark Mode thing. It’s functional right now but needs some work. Consider it in beta phase right now.

If you have feedback for the WordPress part of the site, let me know here.

Gonna be honest, this is sort of a big change so want to let this be the focus for a bit before there’s any other big changes to the theme or whatnot. But always open to ideas and definitely let me know if things aren’t working when you think they should.