Annual Moonies Archive

The Moonies are an annual award ceremony/massive party that celebrates our wonderful Avocado Werewolf community! We even have original art for our header created by the incredibly talented spookyfriend! Scheduled near the rising of the Wolf Moon (*howls*), the Moonies are a time to share the love, reminisce about favorite game moments, and to hang out with fellow Werewolfers. Throughout the weekend we hand out data-driven (collected by sichumor!) Achievement Awards (designed by the talented hohopossum!) based on all the amazing Werewolf games played that year, and we induct players and mods to our Hall of Fame! This page will serve as an archive of the Moonies threads and all the awards that have been given out!

The first Moonies (2020) featured a wonderfully hilarious introduction written by Ralph!

The second Moonies (2021) featured a delightfully clever introduction written by Tiff Aching’s Golden Hare!

The third Moonies (2022) featured a poetically inspired introduction written by Marlowe!

Since 2020, we have also inducted eleven Werewolfers to our Hall of Fame!

New to Werewolf and want to know what the heck this whole thing is about? Check out the Werewolf Den! Join us for some friendly murder and mayhem! You might find yourself getting a Moonie next year! 🙂