F.A.Q. Page

We’ll keep updating this page as needed, but here are answers to a bunch of FAQs we’ve seen so far.

What the heck is The Avocado?

This community started off in the halls of the AVClub, took refuge on the channels of Disqus, and has now graduated up to its very own site. This is a home for people who want to discuss movies, TV, or any of a wide range of pop culture while fostering a sense of community where you can share in each other’s lives.

How do I comment? 

Commenting is still done through Disqus, so you are free to keep using the same log in you were on the channel.

How do I publish a thread?

Because this site is built using WordPress, users who are interested in being able to create a thread will have to register for a WordPress account and then either submit that user name or their email to be added to the list of publishers.  This access will be granted to any users interested, you just need to request access on the registration thread found here: Avocado Publisher Registration

When you go to create a WordPress account, it is going to take you through a 4 step process to get a user name. On steps 1 and 2 you have to create your own blog and name it, but this is not something you will ever really have to worry about or update in the future.

For a guide on how to create a thread, please refer to this handy walk-through. 

Why don’t I see an option to write a thread even though I’ve requested to publish?

If it’s been 24 hours and you still haven’t received an email with an invitation to publish, please email the mods with your WordPress user name at avocadomods@gmail.com.   If you have already accepted that invitation, please log back out and in of WordPress and that should do it.  If not, please email the mods.

What does this cost us?

Nothing, the site is paid for by a member who prefers to remain anonymous. Also no ads. Never will be.

Can I still post through Disqus natively and not through the site?

We recommend to post directly through the site, but there is still an option to use Disqus natively.  This should come in handy for those who are having problems accessing the site due to firewalls or blocks from their work.  Here is a link to our The Avocado’s Disqus Forum.

How do I get a feature I’m creating onto the menu?

If you have a feature that has been running for 3 or more posts, please email the mods to add it to the main menu. Also, if you used to post a feature but don’t consider it active, please let us know so we can move it to the Archives to save menu space.

My Open Thread or Politics Thread isn’t being correctly linked to by the main menu?

The way the menu links for those posts work right now is it links to the most recent post in the category (Open Thread and Politics Thread. Make sure your post has the correct category. For Day Thread/Night Thread header links to work, the post must have the tag (rather than category) Day Thread or Night Thread.

Do I need a mods permission to start a feature?

No, as long as whatever feature you are planning does not violate our guidelines and it isn’t ripping off someone else’s feature, have at it.  Please do not name your feature after yourself, this is not a personal blog.