The Avocado


A list of archived tags and topics from days gone by:

Avocado City – Animated series about the zany adventures of the Avocado avatars from the olden days.

Collectible Card Game Thread – Discussions of various collectible card games

Both Sides Now – A discussion of films where the author discusses and reviews films that he participated in the making of

Cinemixology – A loosely defined series exploring drinking on film

Movie Misery Corner – Watching movies we hate

Double Features – Reviewing pairs of movies

Let’s Talk – In depth discussions on a given topic

The Contras – Opinions that run counter to general thoughts on the subject

Pod People – A discussion of all things podcast related

Pop Culture Confessions – Admitting to thins we do or don’t like in Pop Culture

This Week in Trek – A look at the past, present and future of Trek

True Crime – A look at shows, podcasts and movies featuring True Crime aspects

Craftocado – A space for all things craft related

Green Thread – A place to talk about environmentalism and conservation

No Context – Out of context comments posted to make you wonder

Flock & Tingle – A humorous look at NFL games and broadcasts

Still Watching – Shows that you are still watching long after everyone else

BnB Shame – Movies you’d have to hide if your house was rented out as a AirBnB

Awash In The Stream – Hidden gems and secret flops sent straight to streaming services

Bagel Over the White House – Political movies and their impact

Before Capes Were Cool – Superhero movies before they were everywhere

Made Overseas – Foreign movies worth a look

Netflix Garage – Netflix movies with confusing titles

TCM Underground – A look at TCM underground movies

Love Actually/Hate Actually – Was Love Actually actually good?

Secret Hitler Games – Expose Hitler with friends

The Resistance Games – Expose the government spies with friends.