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Let’s Read The Christian Herald, June 1937!

The Christian Herald ran from 1878 to 2006. Originally inspired by a British Christian newsletter of the same name, the magazine was at one point the highest circulating religious magazine in America. Along with news of the Evangelical Christian ministries across the globe, the magazine featured original fiction and poetry,  homemaking and child rearing interest articles, as well as international Christian-Muslim relations. A platform for appeals to international and domestic charitable causes, the magazine made a name for itself in the interest of charity through summer camps for disadvantaged inner city children. My personal impression of this magazine is that it seems written for the archetypal midcentury progressive Christian, like the image of the kindly granny who spends all her free time knitting socks for babies born to unwed mothers, as someone reads articles from this magazine to her to pass the time. For a good history of The Christian Herald and its lasting impact through Christian summer camps, click here.

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