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User: Brickstarter – GlovePower on Etsy


User: Great Boos Up – Indefensible Ink podcast about “taking a look at some allegedly terrible comics and comics-related media.”


User: 10cities10years 10cities10years – “10cities10years.com is my personal site for writing about my travels and sharing my photography. Of late, it’s been especially photography-focused while I live in Madrid and experience Europe.”

User: Askyermom – Ask Yer Mom – “Questions posed by my (mostly) grown kids get answered. Occasional drawings and essays clutter things up.”

User: Bfth – Bfth’s boring blog

User: Pringles – Fancy ASF – “A blend of cocktails and pop culture with recipes, criticism, and whatever else I feel like writing about booze/movie/tv related.”

User: Qualifiersrep – Short fiction and criticism

User: Scrappybilly – Video Billy – Reviews, Interviews…

User: zkywalker – “My personal blog where I write pop culture related things.”


User: 10cities10yearsYahweh’s Children – “In the early decades of the 21st century, SETI researchers receive the first confirmed transmissions from a long vanished alien species. These messages, transmitting from far beyond our galaxy, arrive as indecipherable gibberish, for a single word written in an ancient human language. One name: Yahweh.”

User: MrsLangdonAlgerArcadia – “Ellie is a girl who lives in a world where everyone gets a special pet when they’re young…but she hasn’t found her pet yet! With her one goal set, Ellie tries anything she can to find her pet and learns about herself and the people she knows along the way.”

User: Scrappybilly101 Must See Movie Bathrooms!


User: Cinecraft – When I Last Saw Jesse – In November 2006, Jesse Ross traveled with his classmates to Chicago, to participate in an academic conference. He never came home. This film is the story of that night, and the consequences.


User: Aiwendil – The music page is just my little collection of some things I’ve written, a mixture of classical, progressive rock, and jazz. Some of it is synthesized, some is just scores with a MIDI approximation; unfortunately, none of it is played by real musicians.

User: Fresh Jive – Gradus

User: Hohodor – The Heartbeat Trail “Psych Rock coming from San Diego!”

User: Megara Justice Machine – “Noise” and other drone/minimalist stuff

User: Moon! – Bacon Moon

User: Smapti Jones – Sweet Tooth


User: The “Paper Chase” Guy – Onion Juice and Fairy Locks – Also a blog


User: AfroPig“This is a webcomic about a pig that does stuff. Attempts to be funny with a 50% success rate.”

User: Kel C Grammer – Bing Bang Boom – “Bing Bang Boom TV is like a TV Guide for popular shows if these shows existed in a bizarre universe where Penny from the Big Bang Theory is a human-potato hybrid, Kevin James is a paranormal detective on Kevin Can Wait, and Jesse Ventura is a respected journalist, and not just some crackpot.”

User: Robert J GannonSketching Details – A media criticism site specializing in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy

Youtube Channels

User: Qualifiersrep – Music Reviews


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