Spotlight Feature (FKA the Artist Spotlight)

UPDATE (January 24th, 2022): You no longer need to use the sign-up sheet if you want to write a Spotlight article. (This has been the case for a while; we just haven’t put it in writing anywhere.) If you have WordPress authorship privileges and want to write a Spotlight article, just write it up and tag it according to the list detailed below, and then you’re good to. Also note that the Spotlight master list is out of date. In order to ensure you’re not duplicating a previous Spotlight article, please use the site’s search feature. Thanks!

Have you seen the wonderful Spotlights posted, and thought “hey, I can do that!” All you have to do to publish your thoughts and feelings about an artist is sign up to do a Spotlight! The sign-up sheet ensures we only post one per day, and it ensures I see it and add your hard work to the master list.

Just be sure to check the Spotlight master list to ensure you’re not writing a duplicate. Spotlight subjects are listed alphabetically within their categories.

When writing your Spotlight, please use these tags so your work will be archived properly:
Actor Spotlight – actors
Album Spotlight – albums
Animated Spotlight – a specialty feature by Bresson on animation, don’t touch
Artist Spotlight – musicians and bands
Creator Spotlight – showrunners and the people behind television shows
Designer Spotlight – games creators
Director Spotlight – film directors
Record Label Spotlight – record labels
Scene Spotlight – eras or genres of music
Series Spotlight – film series
Song Spotlight – focus on an individual song
Video Director Spotlight – A specialty feature by A Winged Potato which “airs” every alternate Monday, don’t touch
Visual Artists Spotlight – painters, sculptors, fine artists of any kind, comic book artists
Writer Spotlight – writers, specifically in books and comics

Have fun!