Spotlight Feature (FKA the Artist Spotlight)

Have you seen the wonderful Spotlights posted, and thought “hey, I can do that!” All you have to do to publish your thoughts and feelings about an artist is sign up to do a Spotlight! The sign-up sheet ensures we only post one per day, and it ensures I see it and add your hard work to the master list.

Just be sure to check the Spotlight master list to ensure you’re not writing a duplicate. Spotlight subjects are listed alphabetically within their categories.

When writing your Spotlight, please use these tags so your work will be archived properly:
Actor Spotlight – actors
Album Spotlight – albums
Animated Spotlight – a specialty feature by Bresson on animation, don’t touch
Artist Spotlight – musicians and bands
Creator Spotlight – showrunners and the people behind television shows
Designer Spotlight – games creators
Director Spotlight – film directors
Record Label Spotlight – record labels
Scene Spotlight – eras or genres of music
Series Spotlight – film series
Song Spotlight – focus on an individual song
Video Director Spotlight – A specialty feature by A Winged Potato which “airs” every alternate Monday, don’t touch
Visual Artists Spotlight – painters, sculptors, fine artists of any kind, comic book artists
Writer Spotlight – writers, specifically in books and comics

Have fun!