Scott OT #6: Russian Ark LN Thread (11/13)

Aleksandr Sokurov’s Russian Ark is one of the most unique films in movie history. It’s a one take film. Not one take like Birdman or Rope, where they use editing tricks to make it look like it’s one take. Sokurov actually shot the film in one entire continuous take!!!


Russian Ark centers on two ghosts who tours the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. They look at the past of the Palace. Famous figures such as Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and Nicholas II are shown.


Russian Ark is an absolutely fascinating film. The artistry on display is just astounding. There’s a cast of thousands of actors and extras and they still shot it in one take. It’s an amazing experiment, especially if you know the circumstances of the production.


Sokurov and the crew only had a few days in the Palace to shoot the movie and, since it was done in all one take, they couldn’t afford to screw up too many times. Amazingly, it only took four takes for them to nail the movie. There’s one blooper in the final film (an extra is laughing one scene when they shouldn’t be) but it’s not nearly enough to ruin the experience.


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