Spotlight Master List

Actor Spotlight
Bruce Campbell by Wolfman Jew
The Marx Brothers by Man-in-the-moon-man
Steven Seagal by Wolfman Jew
Takeshi Kitano by Troubled by Nouns
Tracey Walter by Troubled by Nouns

Album Spotlight
The Cure – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me by Glyph
The Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique by Glyph
The Beatles – Abbey Road by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Abbey Road Super Deluxe Edition by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Anthology 1 by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Anthology 2 by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Anthology 3 by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Beatles For Sale by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – The Beatles (The White Album) by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles Christmas Album by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Compilations by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Help! by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Let It Be by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – [Live] At The Hollywood Bowl by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Past Masters by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Please Please Me by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Revolver by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Rubber Soul by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – With The Beatles by Lynn McKenzie
The Beatles – Yellow Submarine by Lynn McKenzie
George Harrison – George Harrison by Lynn McKenzie
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy by Glyph
Paul McCartney – Egypt Station by Lynn McKenzie
Paul McCartney – McCartney II by Lynn McKenzie
Mike McGear – McGear by Lynn McKenzie
Smog – Knock Knock by group therapy
Britney Spears – Blackout by El Marinero
Spiritualized – Lazer Guided Melodies by Glyph
The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses by Glyph
Yoko Ono – Plastic Ono Band by Lynn McKenzie

Jane’s Addiction – Ritual de lo Habitual by Glyph

Animated Spotlight
Smallfilms by Bresson
Thoughts of You by Shambrookblog

Artist Spotlight
A Fine Frenzy/Alison Sudol by Fuwfuwa
Aaliyah by Corn
Adam and the Ants by group therapy
Against Me! by Nunez
Alkaline Trio by Jimy Coma
Amon Tobin by Troubled by Nouns
Ana Tijoux by El Marinero
Andrew WK by MisterSplendiferous
Aphex Twin by Anukkai
Archers of Loaf by Glyph
Archive by tOmy
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti by launchpad mcquack
A$AP Rocky by Man with Lute
Augie March by Anukkai
The B-52s by group therapy
Band Aid by Troubled by Nouns
Band of Horses by MrsLangdonAlger
The Bangles by The Daredevil Kristopher Wright
Beach House by pamelabeesly
The Beatles by Mexican-American Martian
Bebel Gilberto by Troubled by Nouns
Bill Irwin by Troubled by Nouns
Billy Connolly by El Marinero
Billy Joel by thunderclap_monolith
Björk by Anukkai
Blake Babies by launchpad mcquack
The Blood Brothers by Corn
Blue Öyster Cult by Buck Dharma Initiative
BOKKA by tOmy
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony by Corn
Bonnie Pink and Bonnie Pink (redux) by Anukkai
Boris by Anukkai
Brian Setzer by Troubled by Nouns
BrokeNCYDE by Troubled by Nouns
Bruce Springsteen by IndEEEEEEEEEd
The Capstan Shafts by Aranaktu
Car Seat Headrest by fireindaarcade
Caravan Palace by lutair
Carla Bruni by Troubled by Nouns
The Cat Empire by q-pa
Cave In by Corn
Chalino Sánchez by launchpad mcquack
Chas and Dave by El Marinero
Clara Rockmore by Troubled by Nouns
The Clash by Corn
Clint Mansell by A Winged Potato
Coil by Megara Justice Machine
Counting Crows by Lilith
Country Teasers by Bresson
Crash Worship by group therapy
Cristina by LongIslandMediumIcedTea
Crywank by Ynce Iche
Curve by El Marinero
Daft Punk by Newimprovedrachel
Dälek by Corn
Dashboard Confessional by Sam Barber
Death Cab For Cutie by Banner Thief
Death Grips by Man with Lute
Deee-Lite by Troubled by Nouns
Deftones by GoochExtension
Dengue Fever by Troubled by Nouns
The Descendents by Bluelightspecial
Direct Hit! by Bluelightspecial
Dogstar by Troubled by Nouns
The Dollyrots by El Marinero
Donnie Iris by Dragonfly
Dr. John by Emperor Snapper
EeL by Anukkai
Eleni Mandell by Troubled by Nouns
Elliot Smith by Jef Costello
Eminem, Part 1 by Anukkai
Eminem, Part 2 by Mexican-American Martian
The Fiery Furnaces by The Sigil of Bunnymet
First Aid Kit by Troubled by Nouns
Fleetwood Mac by gougagna
Francisca Valenzuela by El Marinero
Frank Zappa by Mindymoo, Human Sloth
Girls Aloud by Shit-Master Slutface
Glenn Branca by Moon!
Gorillaz by Newimprovedrachel
Green Day by Mexican-American Martian
Guided By Voices by Pucky
Hellhammer/Celtic Frost/Triptykon by Mr Blog Example
High On Fire by OccasionalJonathan
Hüsker Dü by launchpad mcquack
Imogen Heap by Banner Thief
Interpol by The Thin White Duke
James Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 by El Marinero
Janelle Monae by Anukkai
Jerry Goldsmith by Troubled by Nouns
Joanna Newsom by Tyrone
Joanna Wang by Scrabaculon!
John Coltrane by Troubled by Nouns
John Prine by Walter the Farting Dog
Jon Brion by Warmerdam
Joni Mitchell by Corn
Jucifer by Corn
Judge Dread by Glyph
Julieta Venega by El Marinero
Juno Reactor by Mr Blog Example
Jurassic 5 by Ninjaneer 2: Electric Boogaloo
Kanye West by Banner Thief
Kanye West by Sam Barber
Kate Bush by JimmyJamesMBDW
Kayo Dot by Corn
Kelly Clarkson by El Marinero
The Kinks by Joseph Stalin
Kraftwerk by Megara Justice Machine
Ladytron by Troubled by Nouns
The Lawrence Arms by The Kappa
The Legendary Pink Dots by The Sigil of Bunnymet
Leo Kottke by thunderclap_monolith
Lightning Bolt by Anukkai
The Like by El Marinero
Lou Reed by Sam Barber
Luna by Glyph
Mala Rodriguez by El Marinero
Mannheim Steamroller by Troubled by Nouns
The Mars Volta by Pauli
Martin Denny by Troubled by Nouns
Massive Attack by DiabetesMan
Matthew Good by Merve
Matthieu Chedid by Tanagra
MC5 by Mr Blog Example
Mercury Rev by Glyph
Michael Bolton by group therapy
Michael Brecker by Troubled by Nouns
Michelle Branch by Corn
Mirah by Troubled by Nouns
Danzig-era Misfits by Nune
Mogwai by Pauli
Monster Magnet by Mr Blog Example
The Mountain Goats by Aranaktu
Muse by Man with Lute
Muzzy Marcellino by Troubled by Nouns
Natalia Lafourcade by El Marinero
Natural Snow Buildings by The Sigil of Bunnymet
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (Part 1) and (Part 2) by group therapy
Nick Drake by Mrs Langdon Alger
Nickel Creek by liz156
Nirvana by Glyph
Nisennenmondai by Anukkai
Norman Cook by El Marinero
Nurse With Wound by The Sigil of Bunnymet
Paul Williams by Mr Blog Example
Pearl Jam by Corn
Perfume by q-pa
Perfume Genius by makomore
Phantogram by Corn
Pink Floyd by Newimprovedrachel
Portishead by Anukkai
Pretty Girls Make Graves by Corn
The Psychedelic Furs by Glyph
Queens of the Stone Age by Mr. Blog Example
Radiohead by Anukkai
R.E.M. by Corn
Renaldo and the Loaf by Moon!
The Residents by JimmyJamesMBDW
River City Extension by Uncanny Valet
RJD2 by Troubled by Nouns
Rodrigo y Gabriela by Troubled by Nouns
Rodriguez by The Thin White Duke
Sarah McLachlan by GAC
Seam by Glyph
Shakira by Mexican-American Martian
She Makes War by El Marinero
Shearwater by JimmyJamesMBDW
Shiina Ringo by Anukkai
Shilpa Ray by makomore
Shurprimoh Squad by El Marinero
Sleeper by El Marinero
The Smithereens by Mr Blog Example
Smoosh/Chaos Chaos by Anukkai
Soft Cell by Bresson
Soulja Boy by Troubled by Nouns
The Sound of Animals Fighting by GoochExtension
South By Southwest (No, Not That One) by LibraryLass
Spoon by Glyph
St. Vincent by Leto
State Radio by Bearded Garrett Dillahunt
Stereolab by Corn
Sublime by Mexican-American Martian
Sugar by launchpad mcquack
The Sundays by JimmyJamesMBDW
Tanya Donelly by El Marinero
Taylor Swift by Spiro T. Agnew
Theresa Andersson by Ninjaneer 2: Electric Boogaloo
They Might Be Giants by Pucky
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 by Moon!
Tom Petty, Part 1 and Part 2 by Troubled by Nouns
Tonedeff by The Prighlofone
Tool by Pucky
Tori Amos by Fluffy Heretic
The Tragically Hip by Canadave87
Trans-Siberian Orchestra by Troubled by Nouns
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (redux) by Grampton St. Rumpterfrabble
Tub Ring by Jimy Coma
TV On The Radio by Bearded Garrett Dillahunt
Twist Helix by El Marinero
The Untouchables by Uvular Suspects
UVE by El Marinero
Vampire Weekend by Mrs Langdon Alger
Vera Green by El Marinero
Vince by El Marinero
Vince Guaraldi by Troubled by Nouns
Vince Staples by Man with Lute
Voivod by Mr Blog Example
Warren Zevon by Mindymoo, Human Sloth
We Are Scientists by The Thin White Duke
Ween by JimmyJamesMBDW
Winger by Troubled by Nouns
Wussy by Callipygian Pigeon
Wu-Tang Clan (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6) by A Winged Potato

Creator Spotlight
Charlie Brooker by El Marinero
League of Gentlemen by El Marinero

Designer Spotlight
Masahiro Sakurai by Wolfman Jew
Patrice Désilets by Ben

Director Spotlight
Ang Lee by Platformulablog
David Lynch by Wolfman Jew
Hiroyuki Imaishi by Ben
Neil Marshall by El Marinero
Shane Black by El Marinero

Record Label Spotlight
4AD by group therapy

Scene Spotlight
’70s Pop Classical Covers by Troubled by Nouns
’80’s Hair Metal by Mr Blog Example
’90’s Electronic Music by Glyph
’90s One-Hit Wonders by JimmyJamesMBDW
Big Beat by El Marinero
Christian Contemporary Music 1982-1997 (Part One) and (Part Two) by Boy Lilith
Cuddlecore by Callipygian Pigeon
The D&D Old-School Revolution by Newimprovedrachel
Electro by Glyph
First-Wave Ska by Glyph
Lo-Fi by Glyph
Power Pop by Glyph
Shoegaze Part 1Part 2Part 3 by Glyph
Steampunk by Mary

Series Spotlight
Heisei-era Godzilla Films by Newimprovedrachel

Song Spotlight
Breakup Songs by Glyph
The Go-Betweens – “Cattle and Cane” by Glyph
Pixies – “Daniel Boone” by Glyph

Video Director Spotlight
Intro by A Winged Potato
Chris Cunningham by A Winged Potato
Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris by A Winged Potato

Visual Artist Spotlight
Russell Dauterman by Bluelightspecial

Writer Spotlight
Christopher Brookmyre by El Marinero
Raymond Chandler by El Santo
Roger Ebert by El Santo
H.P. Lovecraft by W.S. Punk
Grant Morrison by Sam Barber
Tad Williams by El Santo