Artist Spotlight: The Misfits – The Danzig Era

Artist Spotlight courtesy of Nunez

Happy Halloween boils and ghouls!

Today we’re going to be jamming out some songs from the spookiest band of all time. From the depths of the terrifying hell that is New Jersey comes……

THE MISFITS!!!!!!!!!

The Misfits started in 1977 and lasted for an astounding 6 years. You can argue that without Doyle and Only we wouldn’t have these amazing songs, but you would be wrong!

All credit is due to the great creeping pervert demon weirdo that is Glenn Danzig!!

Fvck Michael Graves.

The Misfits played fast, loud songs about monsters, murder and sex or pretty much anything else that Danzig had caught on late night television.

Enough of this crap, let’s get to some tunes!!

Here are five of my favorite Misfits songs and I hope they are some of yours as well. Happy Halloween and let me know what your favorite Misfits tune is you fiends!!

We Bite:

Last Caress:

Hybrid Moments:

American Nightmare:

Return of the Fly: