Artist Spotlight: Muzzy Marcellino

This dude was a whistler. As in, he whistled. As a job. For money. And he was basically the best at it.

You may have heard his whistling before:




That last one is not the original movie version. It’s a cover version that topped the US and UK charts in 1968.

You might also have Marcellino’s whistling here:

The birds are him. The bird calls. That’s him. Whistling.

Whistling wasn’t Marcellino’s first foray into music, but it was his most interesting. You ever seen a record cover like this one before?


Like I said, there was more to Marcellino than whistling. He started out as a guitar player in a few big bands around San Francisco in the late 1930s, eventually leading his own group. His big break came when Dick Powell hired him for his radio show, which led to a gig on Art Linkletter’s radio and then television variety show, House Party. Marcellino led the house band. Guess what—the songs he’s remembered for involve … wait for it … whistling.

There you have it.