Artist Spotlight : Vera Green


How lovely was that? Vera Green are an Alicante band with an ear for a charming tune that will make your day more pleasant. Their country tinged indie pop first appeared on their English language debut Le Paradis in 2015.

I spoke with frontwoman Verónica Gómez while the band were touring in support of their new (trilingual) album Blablablá.
Could you tell us a little about yourselves and how you got together?
Once upon a time one night in 2014 in Alicante, a friend who is a drummer listened to some songs I had composed with the acoustic guitar and he suggested to me that we record them in the studio with drums, electric guitar and bass. The
first demo that included the songs Three autumns, Blow my Soul and Slow Down came out of this meeting, and the
following year we released our first LP titled Le Paradis. In March 2018, with the current musicians, our second album Blablablá was released, and you can listen to it all on music streaming platforms like Spotify or bandcamp. At the moment we are composing new songs that we will soon launch and perform live.
Your latest album Blablablá is in Spanish, French and English, how do you decide when to write outside of Spanish?
At the beginning I liked to compose in English because it seemed for me the most natural way according to the genre I
used to listen to and because the style of my songs danced between folk and American rock. Later I started to introduce French when the songs inspired that air, and finally in this last album I dared writing in my mother tongue, Spanish, because, although it seems incredible to believe, it is the most difficult language for me when composing, considering that most of the music that has influenced me is written in English. Therefore, the language in which I decide to
compose lyrics is directly suggested by the music that we are composing in each moment. I love languages, so whether in English, French or Spanish, I am always open to letting myself go without preferences.

Do you have a particular philosophy behind the band?
Our philosophy embraces total and pure artistic freedom, which borders on creative anarchy as individuals but unifies us collectively when we are together. The attitude of the band is to be honest with what we do, and above all, to be coherent
with our way of thinking about music. Although we are not oblivious to current trends, we try not to force our compositions and just enjoy writing, rehearsing and playing shows, without being conditioned by outside influences.

Where have you got lined up for live dates and where have you enjoyed playing in the past?
The musicians who make up Vera Green are currently the same on stage performing and off stage in the studio. We have played in many places but we enjoy playing anywhere in the present with the experience of the past to inform us.
Who are your main influences?
We are all very distinct and this generates richness when we come together and compose, since each one contributes by sharing his or her influences. We admire many different artists from across the spectrum and from the beginning of time
to the present, so any sound you can imagine is possible with our group.


(Jaime Zaragoza: bass, Verónica Gómez: acoustic guitar and voice,Ángel P. Gambín: drums, Manolo Medina : Guitar)

Who on the current Costa Blanca scene do you enjoy and would like to play on the bill with?
At this moment the Alicante music scene is in full bloom and is incredibly rich. There are so many bands with which we would like to share a stage that we would not know who to start with. So the truth is that we would like to play with anyone who wants to play with us. We would be happy to share a bill and stage with most of them.