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Sorry LMFAO, you might have been Party Rockin in 2011, but Andrew WK was the one that started the party.
Welcome to Artist Spotlight – Andrew WK.

A lot of music and new artists I hear about nowadays is thanks to my Uncle Maynard. Thanks to our conversations, he got me hooked on Queens of the Stone Age and Andrew WK and a whole bunch of other artists too numerous to name. In 2001, driving with my uncle, he played Andrew WK’s I Get Wet, turned up the volume, and the rest is history.

From Heather Phares/MTV –
Not just a party animal but a party guerrilla, Andrew W.K. burst onto the scene with a hybrid of metal, pop, and dance that parodied and paid tribute to the cheesiest, sleaziest aspects of all three styles. The California-born, Michigan-bred W.K. — the initials stand for everything from “White Killer” to “Women Kum” to “Wilkes-Krier,” the surnames of his mom and dad — began classical piano lessons at age four and moved on to playing in Detroit punk and metal bands, including the Pterodactyls. By age 17, W.K. was recording his own material. After moving to New York City a year later, his friends passed his demos on to various labels, including Bulb, who released W.K.’s debut EP, Girls Own Juice, in early 2000 and that fall’s Party Til You Puke EP. The buzz around W.K.’s hedonistic, so-dumb-it’s-smart rawk resulted in a gig opening for the Foo Fighters as well as deals with Island/Def Jam in the U.S. and Mercury in the U.K.; his first major-label release was 2001’s anthemic Party Hard EP.

In particular, the U.K. fell in love with W.K.’s ironic trailer-trash look and sound, inspiring critical raves from NME and Kerrang! as well as hysteria at his live shows; he was hospitalized after a fan head-butted him as he crowd-surfed at his London debut at the Highbury Garage. The full-length I Get Wet arrived in late 2001 in the U.K. and in spring 2002 in the U.S., where his “It’s Time to Party” was used in a TV commercial for the travel website Andrew W.K. also gigged extensively that spring, both on his own and as part of an MTV 2 package tour. He returned in 2003 with The Wolf, a bigger, lusher album than his debut that earned mixed reviews. The following year, W.K. hosted an advice show on MTV 2, Your Friend, Andrew W.K. He also maintained his busy tour schedule, and released the concert film Who Knows? in early 2006. Andrew W.K.’s third album, Close Calls with Brick Walls, was released in Japan and South Korea that summer, and was issued in the U.S. as a vinyl-only album by Load Records in 2007. That summer, he also appeared as a guest star on Kathy Griffin’s television show My Life on the D List. That year, he also produced the Lee “Scratch” Perry album Repentance.

Andrew W.K.’s career only became more eclectic as the 2000s drew to a close. In 2008 alone, W.K. founded a Manhattan club, Santo’s Party House; performed with the Calder String Quartet; and released One-Shot Game: Covers, a collection of J-pop cover songs, and I Will Change Your Life, an anthology of his advice columns for Japanese music magazine Rockin’ On. He also became a member of the group Current 93, contributing bass, piano, guitar, and vocals to their 2009 album, Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain and performing on the band’s tour that spring. Around that time, W.K. released Damn! The Mixtape, Vol. 1 and his Cartoon Network live-action demolition show Destroy Build Destroy premiered. He also became a frequent guest on the Fox News show Red Eye and appeared on the VH1 series The Great Debate. In late summer 2009, his album of “spontaneous solo piano improvisations,” 55 Cadillac, was released by the Skyscraper Music Maker label, which also planned to give Close Calls with Brick Walls a U.S. release on CD. Around that time, W.K. also released Gundam Rock in Japan, which featured his versions of the music to the classic anime Gundam to commemorate the series’ 30th anniversary. Close Calls with Brick Walls finally appeared on CD in wide release in 2010 as a set with Mother of Mankind, a disc of rarities and previously unreleased tracks. The following year, W.K. released a Japan-only EP, Party All Goddamn Night, which featured a mix of new and previously released material; in 2012, he celebrated the 10th anniversary of I Get Wet with a deluxe edition featuring an extra volume of live and unreleased songs.

It’s Time to Party – Track 1 – I Get Wet

The first song on the album- listening to this will get you pretty much pumped up for anything.

From Song Facts:
This was used in a commercial for Expedia. In this commercial, parents are planning a vacation without their teenage son. Then, they imagine him throwing a house party while they’re gone. During the house party sequence, this song is playing.
Expedia Commercial

Official Video –

One of many songs Andrew gave to the advertising company, he was pleased with how it was used in the commercial. He especially liked how the kids were singing along. The royalty checks didn’t hurt either.

Party Hard – Track 2 – I Get Wet

Andrew W.K. – Party Hard

From Wikipedia:
“Party Hard” was named the 89th best hard rock song of all time by VH1.

Pitchfork Media ranked the song #129 on its list of the Top 500 tracks of the 2000s. Reviewer Mark Richardson wrote: “Before Red Bull and vodka became fashionable and sports drink companies made the decade all about the pursuit of extreme energy, the movement already had its anthem.
From Andrew WK’s Official Website
Andrew’s song, “Party Hard”, is the official music for the newest Disney/Pixar TV advertisement as well as the theatrical trailer for their upcoming feature length animated film, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, which is the prequel to the beloved “MONSTERS INC.” film! Watch the TV ad above and the official trailer below!
The “Party Hard” song was originally released on Andrew’s debut full-length album, I Get Wet, and was also featured as the lead track for EA Sports video game Madden NFL 2003 and on the Girls Gone Wild Music Volume 1 CD.

She is Beautiful – Track 7 – I Get Wet

From Wikipedia
“She Is Beautiful” is the second single released by Andrew W.K. in 2002. It contains three previously released tracks and the video for “She Is Beautiful”. This song was used in the introduction of American Pie: Band Camp and also appears on the soundtrack to the films Out Cold (2001) and Freaky Friday (2003). It was used in early advertisements for the Nintendo GameCube. The song was covered by Children of Bodom on their Trashed, Lost & Strungout EP.

There were two promo singles released to radio stations for this single. The first promo single only had one track, the title song. The second promo single had the title song and the video for the song. The art for the first promo single had a black background, and in the middle, it said “ANDREW W.K.” in white, and below that, it said “SHE IS BEAUTIFUL” in white. The art for the second promo single had a live picture of Andrew.
Andrew has performed this song live alongside Kelly Osbourne as a duet during the Ozzfest 2002 festival.
We Want Fun – Jackass the Movie Soundtrack – Track 2

Andrew W.K. is making a jackass of himself.
The hair-metal revivalist contributed the first single to the “Jackass: The Movie” soundtrack and filmed a video for the song with the regulars from the infamous TV show, according to a source working on the project.
Produced by Rick Rubin (Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers), “We Want Fun” is a party anthem, not surprising considering W.K.’s repertoire, which includes ditties like “Party Hard” and “Party ‘Til You Puke.”
The “Jackass” cast, who do a lot of things ’til they puke, will pull off stunts in their first movie to the sounds of previously released tracks from the Ramones, the Misfits, the Smut Peddlers and more.
The soundtrack — which, it should be noted, includes Slayer’s “Angel of Death” and Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” back to back — is due October 15. The movie opens October 25.
“Jackass: The Movie” director Jeff Tremaine filmed the Andrew W.K. clip, with additional camera work by Spike Jonze (Weezer’s “Buddy Holly,” “Being John Malkovich”), a producer of the film. Tremaine, Jonze and Johnny Knoxville executive produced the soundtrack, which is being released on Rubin’s American Recordings.
The “Jackass” crew filmed a “Making the Video”-type special about the W.K. video that’ll air Sunday night on MTV, followed by the premiere of the clip.
Aside from W.K.’s “We Want Fun,” the soundtrack also features a new track by CKY, whose drummer, Jess Margera, is the brother of “Jackass’s Bam Margera.
The soundtrack will be packaged with a limited-edition DVD featuring movie previews and an exclusive Party Boy music video.

Mister S and Andrew WK 
I had the opportunity to see Andrew WK on 2 occasions. I first saw Andrew WK November 1, 2002 at Metropol in Pittsburgh. The crowd was really into Andrew and the energy was positive and electric. Of note, a person was crowd surfing during the show and I got kicked in the back of the head. I lost my glasses and in a miracle moment, I was able to grab them from the floor and put them back on my face before the dancing people broke them.
I got to see Andrew WK a second time when he performed at Club Laga in Pittsburgh on November 15, 2003. This performance was the first time I saw him not wearing his usual white t-shirt and white jeans. He opened up for Hoobastank on this tour. My friend and I were at the show together and when they announced Hoobastank was up next, we looked at each other, left, and proceeded to go to the nearest bar for beers.
Andrew WK was in Pittsburgh in June 2015, but sadly I was unable to see him this time around because it was a secret show and tickets had sold out in minutes.
June 7, 2015 – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Roboto Project – SOLD OUT
June 8, 2015 – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Roboto Project – SOLD OUT

Andrew WK Today 
It was recently announced that Andrew WK will be on a speaking tour of all 50 states and DC on the “The Power of Partying” Tour.
Everyone’s favorite party connoisseur Andrew W.K. has announced his first nationwide speaking tour — dubbed “The Power of Partying”, presented by the Party Party — which kicks off September 15 in Chicago and will make stops in all 50 U.S. states along with the District of Columbia. The tour closes out by hitting all of New England, including a date at the Paradise November 28. Tickets for all shows go on sale this Friday at noon eastern time via All dates can be found below.
“This is not a political party rally, it’s a rally about partying with the political elements set aside,” W.K. says in a statement. “This is my attempt to add something positive and unifying to the divisive atmosphere surrounding us in so many different forms. Without targeting or preaching to any one side, I want to see if we can party together in our common humanity. We will have a party about being people.”
“By its very nature, the inner experience of a human being can be a vortex of confusion and clarity,” W.K. continues. “The current climate in America isn’t always aiding us in how to best grapple with the fundamental complexities of being who we are — being at our best. During this 50 state odyssey, we aren’t looking for a specific stance on any particular political issue. Instead, we’re looking to fortify the foundation of our spirit, so that we can each follow our individual destiny and pursue our own personal exploration of life as best we can. We are uniting around what we have in common — our shared humanity. This tour is a coming together for the sake of partying together. Even if we have different ideas from one another, or don’t know all the answers to all the questions, we can still party together. This is a celebration of positive partying — this is a party about partying.”
This year marks Andrew W.K.’s 10th year as a party guru and motivational speaker, a journey that began with his now infamous four-hour lecture to a sold out NYU Skirball Center in 2006. On this new tour, each engagement will feature Andrew’s speech on living the party life and also include an open question and answer session, as well as a chance to meet Andrew W.K. in person.
In addition to The Power of Partying speaking tour, Andrew W.K. will also be performing select shows with his full band. All tour dates can be found on his website.

If you are unable to see the Party Prince on his spoken word tour, he is active on social media.
Twitter – @AndrewWK
Facebook –…

I highly recommend adding him to Facebook or following him on Twitter. He has such a positive attitude and oftentimes, I will share his Facebook status updates so my friends have a bit of motivation and positivity in their lives.

This has been Artist Spotlight with Andrew WK.

AV Club, Party til You Puke!