Artist Spotlight: Shurprimoh Squad

Hello, and welcome to another in what I hope to make a more regular series of interviews/spotlights of Spanish acts. May I introduce Shurprimoh Squad with some funky Spanish hip hop for your orejas.



They’re a nice mix of hip hop beats, smooth flows and guitars that switch from groove to rock with ease and top fun live.

I spoke with bassist Felix Berenguer Sanchez about where the band are from and where they’re headed.


When did the band form and how did you guys meet?

The group started in late 2016, We knew each other from other bands, playing the same venues , Miguel (guitar) and I played together in Stoneheads.


We’d wanted to join together for a while and play as a group of friends and eventually released our first two songs in February last year.


What is the philosophy of Shurprimoh Squad? Songs like ‘Ley Mordanza’ (Gag Law) are very political, which is understandable with the existing government now. (video NSFW)


Well, we did not want to just deal with political issues, and we chose to have diversified styles and themes of the songs. Our goal is to make a serious rap-metal but with touches of humour, and try to play songs, which may  be taboo, like ‘Ley Mordanza’ .

*(The gag law refers to the ‘security’ law brought in by the right wing Partido Popular in 2015. Among the many repressive aspects of this are fines for showing ‘disrespect’ to the police. It’s a fineable offence to even take an officer’s photograph. I kid you not.)


We try to be fair with our lyrics, and if you do not like it … deal with it. You have to mess with what people are used to not complaining about.

What are your plans for the future? Albums? Tours?

Well, now in early January, we’re re-recording two tracks with Edu Guerrero in Singularity Studios, and we’ll release an EP of 5 songs and 1 remix.

And in March we’ll start playing all the concerts we can. We are going to try to do a mini tour around the province, and whatever else comes up