Artist Spotlight: James 2 – The Re-Jamesening

Hopefully a properly formatted spotlight on James from 1994 to now.o

So, I left my James spotlight after the double whammy of Laid/Wah Wah. Which, when I realised it was more than 20 years ago, slightly horrified me.

The band took a few hits after ’94. Guitarist Larry Gott left and they split with their manager Martine Mcdonagh (With whom the singer Tim Booth has a son)
Tim Booth took a break to record an album with Angelo Badalamenti as ‘Booth and The Bad Angel’

For their next album, the band set up in drummer Dave Baynton-Powers house to record. Whiplash was a successful comeback, reaching the UK top 10

During the US tour to promote Whiplash Booth managed to damage his neck to the point of requiring emergency surgery while dancing on stage. Yes, dancing.

In ’99 they released the (I feel) underrated album Millionaires, which contained I Know What I’m Here For or, to non-fans ‘The football ad music’

Millionaires performed disappointingly and the follow up Pleased To Meet Youwas the lowest selling major label James album. Which was a shame as it has some good stuff on there.

They announced their intention to split up shortly after it’s release and after a farewell tour they went their separate ways in December 2001. This lasted until 2007 when the line up from Laid announced they were planning some live dates after playing some jam sessions together. These were sold out and followed by the release of Hey Ma

The album artwork for Hey Ma featured a baby sitting next to a handgun. Or, for the US release, a baby sitting. As , presumably, America has no need to think about gun culture as it relates to kids.

Since their reunion, they followed up Hey Ma with the mini albums The Night Before and The Morning After and the album Le Petit Mort which I’m going to gloss over because I personally am not that fussed on them ( Hey, my piece my rules)

So I’ll finish up with their recently released (and really good) album Girl At The End Of The World