Artist Spotlight: Beach House

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Hey ya’ll! I’m here to share a couple of my favorite tracks from the band Beach House.

Primer (I’m plagiarizing Wikipedia):
Beach House is an American dream pop band from Baltimore, Maryland, formed in 2004. The band consists of French-born Victoria Legrand (vocals, keyboards) and Baltimore native Alex Scally (guitar, keyboards).Their self-titled debut album was released in 2006 to critical acclaim and has been followed by Devotion in 2008, Teen Dream in 2010, Bloom in 2012, and Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars in 2015.

I feel like a lot of people roll their eyes when they hear the words dream pop because yeah yeah it all sounds the same and what not. Beach House stands out from the crowd though. Sure, every album is super dreamy and ethereal in it’s sound, but these guys are skilled with putting together a distinct vibe for every album. Also Victoria Legrand’s voice sounds like it’s from another planet.

MY TOP 5 SONGS (in no particular order)

1) LAZULI (From the album “Bloom”)

This was the song that made me a full time fan and listen to every song they ever made. The high notes, the layered vocals in the outro, the emotion…. I’m already crying.

2) SPACE SONG (From the album “Depression Cherry”)

Even if you weren’t planning to listen to any of the songs I listed, listen to this. The album “Depression Cherry” initially received mixed reviews from fans when it came out (those fans had stupid ears) but there was unanimous love for this track. The melody of the guitar is the hook. I get a Twin Peaks vibe from it as well.

3) SILVER SOUL (From the album “Teen Dream”)

This one is a Beach House classic and you may have even heard it sampled in Kendrick Lamar’s “Money Trees”. The melancholic “it is happening again” that’s repeated over and over again in this track is the reason why I think nobody does a better fade out than Beach House.

4) MASTER OF NONE (From the album “Beach House”)

Old but gold. “Master of None” is from their debut album and it’s a very different sound from all their later work. Lyrically I find it to be one of their strongest ever. It’s dark and sexy and The Weeknd obviously agrees with me because he sampled it in “The Party and The After Party”.

5) SOMEWHERE TONIGHT (From the album “Thank Your Lucky Stars”)

Now I’m going to turn to the top youtube comment on the “Somewhere Tonight” video to close out this poorly written article. You might think the following is a little pretentious but it captures the essence of the song, and honestly it provides a good visual in your head on what the Beach House vibe is. But how would describe them? They’re lovely.

“The slow dance of a life, that closes the album, which could close an existence, among ballrooms floored pink blue and red, like a 60s movie, little steps, the silence of the looks, the talk of the spirits, heat of the hearts, heat of the meats, tears, a whisper, see-what-I-see, it is like dancing on the snow under the yellow light of the lampposts, your head on my shoulder, my mouth in your hair. And the world elsewhere. Love: somewhere tonight”