Artist Spotlight: BOKKA

I have noticed there isn’t many Avocadians from Central Europe, so I figured I will help you a bit with a musical coverage from beyond the pond. So without further introduction, this is a Polish band BOKKA:

I chose the live version on purpose, as if to mimic the way I got to know this band. I had no idea who these artists are, I simply stumbled upon them during one of the Czech festivals a year ago. And I got blown away.

Atmosphere is simply the biggest selling point of this band. Their singer comes to stage, approaches a keyboard and types in “We are BOKKA, welcome to our universe.” The text is then projected onto a screen behind them; this is the only way BOKKA communicates with the audience, letting the electro-pop-rock with a dash of experiments talk for itself.

Folks behind those (by now) signature crystal masks seem like a great bunch. Couple of months after my first exposure to this band, armed with now memorized lyrics and bunch of friends, we hit our local venue. It wasn’t packed, but it certainly wasn’t empty. After the show was over, their bass player gave us a fistbump as to acknowledge our support, our singing and dancing in the first row. Their singer smiled at us during one of the love songs, leading to several severe cases of broken hearts.

They are great, give them few clicks if you like them, you know the drill… They also have an album out, featuring couple of singles with videoclips!

Do you like what you hear? Do you know any similar bands? Any other Polish bands we should know about? And more importantly: Should I keep you updated on the music scene in the land of castles and growing cultural meccas? Let me know!

Disclaimer: I have no personal or business affiliation with this group. This was simply done for educational purposes. And with love!