Attention Avocado Authors

As many of you aware by now, a couple weeks ago WordPress ran an update that knocked out most of our authors.  I’ve done my best to get everyone back up and running, but in the process, a former issue we were having became more apparent.  It only affected a handful of people at first but has gotten progressively worse.  I finally got tech support to realize it wasn’t a problem on our end and they figured out what was causing it.  However, in order to fix the problem they are having to remove a plugin that was built into our site that will “disconnect” our authors .   This DOES NOT mean we’ll have to do that invite stuff all over again (thank Jeebus) nor should it affect any posts that have been made or are scheduled or in drafts.   I’ve been assured by WP that all you will have to do to reconnect to us is:

1) Log into (Log out first if you were already logged in)
2) Visit
3) At the prompt, connect your account to login

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I fear if we don’t fix this problem now, we are just going to run into another issue down the road when they run another update on the conflicting plugin.