Comic Book Review – Batman: The Impostor #1

Batman: The Impostor #1

Writer – Mattson Tomlin

Artist – Andrea Sorrentino

I was in Las Vegas for around 5- or 6-days last month and one of my requests was to go to one of the comic book stores near the Strip. My family and I visited Cosmic Comics and I got to look around for a while.  I got a few deals on back issues and picked up some new release books as well. One I didn’t want to miss out on was Batman: The Impostor, which I finally got to read over the weekend.

Before I tell you what I liked about the issue, I have to get this out of the way. I have enjoyed the DC Black Label since it was introduced. It offers out -of- continuity tales and pushes the envelope with mature themes, language, and violence. However, DC Comics needs to utilize other characters BESIDES BATMAN when coming up with these prestige format stories. Give one of your many other characters a chance to shine! Okay, I got that out of my system.

There are three plot points introduced in this first issue that end up converging by the end of the first book. Dr. Leslie Thompkins helps patch up a mortally wounded Batman one night after discovering his secret identity. She wants him to visit her every day to discuss his nighttime activities and the trauma he’s held onto since he was a small child. Detective Wong of the GCPD is investigating an incident at Wesker Industries that involved the Batman, while trying to figure out who he really is behind the mask. When she returns to the precinct, the Bat Task Force watches surveillance video of the Batman throwing three bound and blindfolded men off the top of a roof. It’s a race against time for Bruce to find out who the impostor is and apprehend him before he himself becomes the hunted murderer.

Leslie Thompkins has been a part of the Batman mythos for a long time. I liked how Tomlin made her no nonsense, tough and not to be reckoned with, a different version than we have previously seen. She holds all the cards and can blow Batman’s cover at any time. Bruce must follow his doctor’s orders or else.

There are a few underutilized Batman rogue gallery members that get cameos and a chance to stand out in this first issue that help push along the narrative. The way they are designed and brought to life reminded me of Nolan’s Batman trilogy and the characters he used. When I mentioned this to a friend, they said its more in line with The Batman universe we will be seeing in March 2022.

I love Sorrentino’s art and I enjoyed the way they brought Gotham City and its citizens to life. My only complaint is I would have liked this series to be printed in the oversized magazine style we have been getting with DC Black Label releases. Having this mini-series in the regular format doesn’t do justice to the art.

I know there has been a glut of Batman comics and mini-series hitting the comic shelves over the past year or so, but Batman: The Impostor is not to be missed, especially if it’s a primer for the new movie just around the corner.

Next Issue – Detective Blair Wong set her sights on Bruce Wayne as a source of information about the Batman-but neither of them was ready for the sparks that flew when they met. Unfortunately for their relationship, the imposter Batman has killed again, and the pressure is mounting to close the case…immediately! In Stores November 9, 2021.