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The Wednesday Politics Thread

Can you believe we’re almost through June? The year is flying by. Hopefully it’s been a good one for you, and that the second half of the year is even better. I don’t have much else to say, so let’s see what was happening on June 28 in the past: 

2022: A thread for the January 6 commission. An accusation that Trump tried to grab the steering wheel and take control of the car on January 6. Democrats unveiled a transgender bill of rights.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: 30 day wild card challenge asked Avocados to sell their state. A Seinfeld-themed game of Werewolf. Comic Strip Club.

2021: Conservative panic over critical race theory. Derek Chauvin was sentenced to prison for the murder of George Floyd. Research showing that articles on women on Wikipedia are deleted far more often than biographies of men for not being “notable.”
Elsewhere on The Avocado: Ad Space looked at the promos for Breaking Bad. Anime Worth Watching: Shakugan no Shana. Comic Book Chat on the Spawn universe.

2020: Mississippi lawmakers voted to remove the Confederate symbol from their flag… a move on which they’re already backtracking. Trump tried to look strong after his infamous rally flop with minimal crowd. The ongoing pandemic.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: The Day Thread honored the Stonewall Uprising. Round 4 of the Avocado’s favorite president tournament. Sunday Food Thread discussing dining out during COVID.

2019: David Brooks whining that the Democrats should do more for Republicans. The first Democratic primary debate. Megan Rapinoe said she did not want to attend the White House in the event of a World Cup victory. 
Elsewhere on The Avocado: Mario Maker 2 showcase. Friday New Music. Weekly Shuffle.

2018: 600 women arrested for occupying a Senate office in protest of Trump’s immigration policies. Justice Kennedy retired. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was elected to Congress.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: Animal Heroes: Trichoplax Adhaerens. True Crime-ocadoes. This or That?

Be kind and thoughtful today. Cheers.