30 Day Wild Card Challenge Day 28: Sell Your State!

We’re changing things up for the month of June by doing a “wild card” approach where there is no theme other than my own whims. Every day can shift gears, wildly, from one topic to the next!

Today, let’s get to talking about selling your state! No, not like that. And while we’re being a big US-centric by saying state, change it up regionally wherever you are in the world to province, oblast, or just the region itself. Generally, folks do a pretty good job around these parts of not region bashing, though it happens from time to time, but today we want to talk about the thing or things that really are a draw to the area you live. What are the fun things that you think people should do when there, what’s the secret place to go that’s not well known? What holds up for both locals and tourists?

Bonus: What’s the biggest draw to another area for you?