Comic Book Chat – Spawn Universe

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Today’s Discussion – Spawn Universe

Last week, Spawn Universe #1 was released, which kicks off “The Year of Spawn”, according to longtime creator/artist Todd McFarlane. The issue ended with the rebirth of one of Spawn’s longtime associates, planting the seeds for a showdown in the future. The backup stories featured Medieval Spawn, She- Spawn, and Gunslinger Spawn. The comic was indeed worth the $5.99 cover price and a friend at one of my local comic shops said it was getting a second print. This issue is a great jumping on point for new and laxed readers.

I started reading Spawn again around Issue #296 to celebrate its 300th issue milestone. I searched high and low online for post 300 issues during the pandemic to keep on top of Spawn and I was successful with a few finds.

We have talked about Spawn in a previous Comic Book Chat but I felt this was worth revisiting again after this big issue release.

Did you pick this issue up? What were your thoughts on it? There are still talks about making a new Spawn movie/reboot and I have heard rumblings about a Sam and Twitch TV series.

All topics about Spawn are open for discussion. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on the character and the franchise. I’m sure we will be discussing the love/hate relationship we comic aficionados have with Todd McFarlane too at some point.