Comic Book Chat – Spawn #300

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Today’s DiscussionSpawn #300

Todd MacFarlane celebrates a landmark milestone today with the release of Spawn #300. I pre-ordered my copy weeks ago.

We will look back at Al Simmons and his career as Spawn and Spawn’s place as an anti-hero in comic book lore.

Tell us your favorite character featured in the comics, if you have a favorite crossover, and if you ever got any of the MacFarlane Toys Action Figures. Also, if they ever reboot the Spawn movies, what would you like to see featured?

I used to stay up late to watch the Spawn cartoon on HBO. Might have to see if its available on DVD or streaming.

I dip my toe back into the water very often to see what Spawn is up to these days.

Here’s to another 300 issues!

Thanks for always making the time to chat!

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