Weekend Reading

This thread collects one-off, irregular, new, or lower-profile threads from earlier in the week (last Saturday – Friday). This doesn’t include every single thread (what would be the point of that?) — it’s more threads that people may have missed and wish they’d known about or might want to know about moving forward, as well as the latest threads for whatever wacky tournaments are underway. I’m sure I left out a thread I should have included, and vice versa, but I promise it’s not personal! Feel free to tag me (@forget_it_jake:disqus) about anything you wish were here but isn’t, and I’ll edit it in. Also feel free to promote content in the comments, whether it’s in the header or not!


Canada’s Drag Race Season 2: Episode 9 Discussion Thread

The Charitable Spirit of Sixthmas

Computer Science Education Week

Jussie Smollett Thread


SIXTHMAS: Late Gifts Lounge

SIXTHMAS: Gifter, Reveal Thyself!

Svengoolie Discussion Thread 11/27/2021: The Crawling Eye

Wheel Of Time Season 1 Episode 6 – The Flame of Tar Valon Discussion

You Talking Trek to Me? – Best of Voyager Runner-Ups (Part 2)


100 Records That Set the World on Fire (While No One Was Listening)

Avocado Music Club #135: Baths – Obsidian

Comic Book Review – Krampus! (2014)

Crate Skimmers #19 Godflesh-Godflesh

Doctor Who Flux Episode 6 The Vanquishers

Elite Evaluations: Part IV — Sinnoh

Late to the Part 2022 Part 1

Public Domain Theater: The Fast and the Furious (& “Taxi Turvy”)

Review: Far Cry 6 – Vaas: Insanity (Original Game Soundtrack)

Television Turmoil: My Secret Identity

WTF ASIA 190: Sanjuro (1962)


Ad Space – Shatner and the Great Big Penguin

All Things Cricket: December 10th

The Avocado Parenting Thread Lays Down the Law

Creative Endeavors Has Raccoons

Dating, Relationships, and Sex: Blind Spots (12/08/2021)

Game News Roundup: November 2021

Job Rants Thread – 12/10/2021 – …Schleppin’

Mental Health Thread 12.08.2021

The Nature Thread

NFL Week 14/ CFB Live Thread

Weekly Wrestling Thread Celebrates Best Friends

Weekly YouTube Thread (12/6)


1990’s Hip-Hop/Rap Tournament: Results

Favorite Holiday Album Tournament–Sweet 16

Favorite Mononymous Famous Person – The Final Four

Smash Tournament: Smash 4 Semifinals (for real)

Speculative Television Tournament – Finals