It's Giftmas Six! Woo!


Couple of guidelines for this thread:

  • EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Even if your gift is going to be late or you didn’t participate in the exchange at all, join us for some holiday/anniversary fun!
  • We have a separate post for asking to know who your gifter was this year – please make/respond to such requests in the Gifter Reveal thread. If you don’t want to know, you’re welcome to emphasize that in your main Giftmas thread post. If your giftee posts that they don’t want to know, gifters, don’t go dropping massive hints all over the place. Also, gifters, don’t come right out and say who your giftee was — only reply to requests in the Request thread. Furthermore, gifters are not obligated to disclose themselves, even if their giftee requests to know who they are.
  • If your gift was late or something else happened and you haven’t yet talked to me about it, please email me at the address below and I shall try to resolve! Also, please keep all venting/nervous flopsweats to the Late Gifts Lounge.

Questions or concerns you wish to voice privately? Email

Streamlining things a bit this year! Fill out this form to upload your Giftmas Gallery photo. Don’t forget to include your username somewhere in the image – either on a piece of paper or added to the image as text!

The Charitable Spirit of Sixthmas

We’ve got a separate thread for our giving drive this year! Donate $6 in the spirit of Sixthmas to one of our three featured charities or to the drive more generally. Better yet, donate $12 to cover you and another Avocado!