It's Giftmas Six! Woo!

SIXTHMAS: Gifter, Reveal Thyself!

Desperately want to know who your gifter was this year?

This is where you can make that request!

This subthread usually borks the crap out of the main Giftmas thread, so we’ve moved it over here to a separate post this year.

A couple of reminders:

  • Gifters, don’t come right out and say who your giftee was unless they specifically ask in this thread. Only requests in this thread should be considered official.
  • Gifters are not obligated to disclose themselves, even if their giftee asks to know who they are.
  • You’re encouraged to include the Disqus comment link to your original post in the main Giftmas thread along with your request, so your gifter can find it easily. Just hover over “Share” underneath your original comment and copy the URL that pops up.