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The Wednesday Politics Thread Is Celebrating the Solstice!

Happy summer solstice, southern hemisphere Avocados! And happy winter solstice to those of us in the north! Hope you can take a few moments to appreciate the shortest/longest day of the year. Let’s check out what we were talking about on this day in Avocado history:

2021: COVID lingered over holiday plans. The Kellogg’s strike ended. Oklahoma tried to limit how slavery could be taught in schools. Manchin came out against the child tax credit.

Elsewhere on The Avocado: Championship round for favorite holiday album, and results of the favorite mononymous famous person tournament. Spoil Sports for The Matrix: Resurrection (has it really only been a year since that movie came out?) The Pits were in full swing, as well as the Peelys.

2020: Biden got his COVID vaccine. A great longread about the Four Seasons press conference. Kamala Harris speaks out about violence against Black trans women. Trump was still shouting about election fraud.

Elsewhere on The Avocado: The Pits. Reviews of gay Christmas movies. The year in PC hardware.  

2019: The mods discussed the PT, and users did a lot of critical examination. Extinction Rebellion went on a hunger strike in Czechia which seemed to produce actual results and a path forward. The House had voted to impeach Trump… for the first time. 

Elsewhere on The Avocado: An in-depth article about the Goosebumps book series and its relationship with Scholastic. Avocado Reference Desk. The release of Cats prompted a Rum Tum Tugger-themed day thread and that song is stuck in my head now so I’m going to get it stuck in yours as well.

2018: The government shutdown loomed and would go into effect the next day. Ruth Bader Ginsburg joined a Supreme Court vote from her hospital bed. Jim Mattis resigned from the Trump administration.

Elsewhere on The Avocado: Spoil Sports for Aquaman. Avocados shared writing for feedback in the Escritoire. This, That, or the Other? A request thread for Jaye Tyler’s radio show. The third part in a very thorough series on smartphone photography.

2017: “Frankenstein wasn’t the monster’s name, Pelosi”. Papa John stepped down as CEO of Papa John’s. Republicans passed a new tax bill. 

Elsewhere on The Avocado: Truth or Dare? A review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. A thread for sharing phone/desktop wallpaper.

Be thoughtful and considerate today. Cheers, everyone.