Spoil Sports: Aquaman

We live in strange days. One where there’s an Aquaman movie and people are kinda excited over it. It’s a crowded box office this week, though, with Arthur Curry going after several worthy rivals to the box office throne.


After all, people like Mary Poppins, and Bumblebee was one of the faves of the Bay Transformers movie. But Aquaman? A character from a DC Cinematic Universe that seems to be going through a soft reboot? A character that the band Ookla the Mok once lamented that not even Peter David could make him cool?

And yet… it’s actually been some time since the last superhero movie, and people might be hungry for some classic undersea derring-do. So grab your trident, hitch your reigns on some flying fish, and let’s talk about the King of Atlantis!