Werewolf 79: The War on Xmas – Day 6

Ray had been in the game too long to not be suspicious of a mysterious package he found in his work locker. Sure, it had a neat bow on it. It wasn’t ticking, and a few good shakes didn’t yield any alarming noises. But he still stood on the other side of room, using a broom handle to gently pry open the top.

He was rewarded with a shower of glitter that covered the whole room, thus requiring him to stay and sweep up.

Indeed (Ray) has been glitter-bombed. He is still alive, as this has no effect on the game.

With the floor clean, Ray was turning the key to lock the store when he was whacked in the head with a Festivus pole.

The next day, the Christmas tree in the center of the mall had a new angel. He was beautiful, arms held in place with rigor mortis, seeming to reach up and embrace the holiday season. The diorama was made complete by a dusting of snow that seemed not to melt indoors. No one looked at this too closely, and that was for the better.

Indeed is dead now. He was the Second Manager on Duty.

In a separate part of the mall, a small train was going around the tracks in a closed loop. Small children would ride on it as their tired parents sat in benches against the wall.

But upon closer inspection, one could see a small child lying on the tracks. Tiny Tim wasn’t even tied down; someone had just taken his crutches away. The train came barreling towards him at five miles per hour, and when it made contact with his fragile body, there was a crunch, followed by a maelstrom of sparkles.

hohodor (Tiny Tim) has died. He was the Mad Glitter-Bomber. This was an improvised Town role that had no effect on the game.

When the remaining five employees marched into work the next morning, their manager didn’t flip the “Sorry, we’re closed” sign around. Instead he locked the door, dimmed the lights, and stood atop the nearest table.

“Christmas is nearly upon us, and we need the spies taken care of now. After our final deadline tonight, we will have a Sudden Death Round to give you one more chance to weed out the miscreants. As I said, this ends tonight. One way or the other.”

Day 6 ends on Friday at 7 PM, CST. Then we’ll host blitz rounds in this same thread until the game has a winner.

3 Loyal Employees (Vanilla Townies)
1 Committee Member (Wolf)
1 Mall Santa (Serial Killer)

Robert Post’s Child
Josephus Brown