“Merry Christmas, Mr. Wayne” Night Thread

As we all debate whether or not Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie (which it does, by the way), let’s journey into another argument that’s been taking place lately: is Batman Returns a Christmas movie?

The short answer should be yes. Sure, Batman Returns, just like Die Hard before it, opened during summer blockbuster season. But perhaps even more so than Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns is infused with the spirit of the season, albeit on an occasionally demented level. If Batman was Burton as a director-for-hire, Batman Returns is the iconic director making the kind of movie he wanted to make the first time round. There’s almost a Dickens-like quality to Gotham, covered with snow, ethereal with its Christmas decorations, yet at the same time, everything’s on the brink of falling into chaos, like a dream that’s constantly threatening to turn into a nightmare.

batman returns 1

Have a good night, Avocados!