Favorite Mononymous Famous Person – The Results

And so it comes to be what we knew all along.

Prince is your Favorite Mononymous Famous Person.

There has been some controversy over Kermit being here, and making it this far, but even Miss Piggy doesn’t call him by his full name. It’s a slippery slope but I allowed it.

Sappho is the big surprise to me. Over much more famous (and recent) women, like Madonna, Cher and Zendaya, the poet kept going and going.

In 4th place, with 22 votes, was Kermit

In 3rd place, with 27 votes, was Bjork

Our Runner Up, with 23 votes, is Sappho

And, our winner, with 29 votes total, is The Purple One, Prince

Congratulations to all of our One Named Stars!!!!