The 2021 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round I

Welcome one and all to the 2021 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture! It’s in this annual series where we honor the worst of the worst, the rest from the best, and the last and least of this year’s art and entertainment.

For those of you who’ve never participated, here are the rules. Here in Round I, we vote for the categories we’ll be using. In one week is Round II, when we actually nominate creators and creations, and a week after that, the finalists and winners are shown off. For examples, here’s 2020’s first round, second round, and winners announcement.

If you want to suggest a category, just write a comment! If you think it needs a bit of explanation, add some! And if you see a category you like, upvote it! Upvote as many as you like; in fact, we encourage voting for every single nominee in each category. And if you have a great category that didn’t get a lot of votes, don’t worry; we always make sure to include a few ones that didn’t necessarily make the cut but which we found especially scintillating. They’ll all get to stand alongside our six perennial categories: Worst Video Game, Album, Television Season, Book, Movie, and Title for an Eric Roberts Movie Released in 2021.

So let’s get to suggesting!