The 2020 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round II

Okay, everyone, it’s time to bring the 2020 Peely’s to Round Two! You, the people, have come up with a smorgasbord of wonderful categories honoring the worst trends and things of pop culture, and it’s time to honor them in full. We’ve got forty-two categories covering media to people to cultural shifts, and you are free to add your ideas to all. Of course, the one with the most upvotes is the “winner.”

I’d also like to proudly state that last week’s was the best first round – by an absolutely massive margin, no less! – of any Peely’s since we started in 2016! A ton of you stepped up to add ideas, be they categories or possible nominees to use. Thank you all so much for contributing! Since a number of proposed categories were fairly similar to each other, we’ve combined some of them. This should give us a wide breadth of material to put forth.

The Categories:

  1. The “I’M JAHVERHT” Award for Worst Performance (Owen1120)
  2. The Indescribable Award for Event That Children Won’t Believe Actually Happened Twenty Years from Now (Demyx)
  3. The Stuck at Home Award for Worst Media to Gain Popularity because of Quarantine (Otakunomike, LoveWaffle)
  4. The Trying Too Hard Award for Worst Attempt At Trying To Tell People We’re “All In This Together” (Tigercat919)
  5. The End Zone Dance Macabre Award for Weirdest Thing in Sports to Adapt to COVID (El Santo)
  6. The Stink, Stank, Stunk Award for Worst Advertisement (Worst Media Poster, Worst COVID Advertising) (Zeussical, Owen1120)
  7. The Crisp Autumn Air as You Relax in a Café Award for Thing You Miss Most from the Before Times (Captain Video)
  8. The Sensation of Grasping Your Phone – Of Course You’re Using Your Phone; There’s no Reason to Wear a Watch at Home – as You Struggle to Hold Through a Movie that Will Just Not End, Endlessly Plodding Through Asinine Plot Point after Asinine Plot Point. And Why Can’t the Director Just Realize that the Limitations of Time are a Central Aspect of Strong and Coherent Storytelling? Please, For God’s Sake Just Think… Award for Entertainment that Could Have Been Sizably Cut for Time? (Owen1120, KingKat)
  9. Consistently and Thoroughly Is The Award for Worst Attempt at Being RADICAL (Shit-Master Slootfass)
  10. The Pretentious Fraud’s Award for Most Egregious Awards Bait (Sir Simon Milligan, Merve, Wolfman Jew)
  11. Huh, So What is a “Quibi?” Award for Best Show Locked Away on a Streaming Service You Don’t Want (LoveWaffle)
  12. The Maybe Try Harder, Again Award for Worst Well-Meaning Representation in Media (SadClown)
  13. Mank Award For Most Glaringly Inaccurate Pop Cultural Take on History (Wasp)
  14. The Edgar Winner’s Scientology Proselytizing Award for Worst non-Musical Output by a Band / Artist, or Similarly Worst Transitions between Mediums (Shit-Master Slootfass)
  15. The C’mon, Pal Award for Worst Part of an Otherwise Good Work (Merve)
  16. The 5 / 10 Award for Most Average Content (Owen1120)
  17. The Crocodile Fucking Award for Dumbest Moment that’s Still Fun in a Lizard Brain Kind of Way (Wolfman Jew)
  18. The One Who Holds Things Together Award for Best Performance in a Bad Production (Malkatraz)
  19. The “You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa” Award for Worst Line Reading (Merve)
  20. The [Spoiler Redacted] Award for Worst Character Death (Sir Simon Milligan)
  21. The “Where’s Firefly?” Award for Worst TV Show Cancellation (Sir Simon Milligan, upvote moneydog)
  22. The EA Spouse Memorial Award for Worst Labour Abuse in the Entertainment Industry (Merve)
  23. The Defective Bread Award for Most Egregious Corporate Malfeasance (Merve)
  24. Most Accidentally Offensive Moral / Message / Theme (Owen1120)
  25. Most Purposely Offensive Moral / Message / Theme (Owen1120)
  26. Selfish, Indulgent, It’s the Award for Worst Fan Service [NOTE: not for sexual fan service] (kevzero / Mr Ixolite)
  27. The Not Understanding TikTok Award for Worst New Word or Phrase Added to the Cultural Lexicon (Merve)
  28. Throwing Caution to the Wind, this Person Had the Most Unjustified Arrogance (Merve)
  29. The Wild Mountain Thyme Memorial Award for Most Nonsensical Plot Twist  (Shit-Master Slootfass)
  30. The Gross, Gross, No Award for Worst Fan Behavior (SadClown)
  31. The Stephen King Award for Worst Ending (upvote moneydog)
  32. Worst Facet of Cyberpunk 2077 (Cohen, justiceforbreonna, KingCrow, Wolfman Jew)
  33. The Schadenfreude Award for Most Satisfying Comeuppance or Self-Own in Pop Culture (LoveWaffle, KingKat, Wolfman Jew)
  34. Worst Piece of Pop Culture from 2019 that neither Won nor Got a Finalist Nomination in Last Year’s Peely’s (Wolfman Jew)
  35. To You, The Supporter, Best Peely’s Category That Didn’t Make the Cut (Lovely Bones)
  36. Worst thing the Avocado Watched in a Live Show this Year (Wolfman Jew)
  37. Worst Title for an Eric Roberts Movie Released in 2020
  38. Worst Video Game of 2020
  39. Worst Album of 2020
  40. Worst Television Season of 2020
  41. Worst Book of 2020
  42. Worst Film of 2020

Now remember, this is a contest, but it’s a flagrantly dishonest contest. See, you can vote for any nominee you want. Hell, you can vote for every nominee in any category – spread the love and the upvotes!

Two requests: please refrain from posting any top level comments until all the categories have been posted, and use spoilers for plot sensitive material.