Weekend Reading

Since there tend to be a flurry of threads and comments on weekdays and fewer on weekends, this thread collects one-off, irregular, new, or lower-profile threads from earlier in the week (Sunday – Friday). This doesn’t include every single thread (what would be the point of that?) — it’s more threads that people may have missed and wish they’d known about or might want to know about moving forward. I’m sure I’ve left out a thread I should have included, and vice versa, but I promise it’s not personal! Feel free to alert me to anything I missed, and I’ll edit it in (and you can promote it in the comments!).


Canada’s Drag Race Season 2: Episode 2 Discussion Thread

Franchise Festival #111: Dead Space

Late History Thread

LGBT Movies: Gods and Monsters (1998)

Old Music Monthly #002 [August 1993]

Pop Optics: Introducing DisenFranchisement!

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Spine -Tinglers and Stories to Read in the Dark

Survivor Season 41 – Week 5


Foundation Season 1 Episode 6: Death and the Maiden Review

Halloween Kills Review: Less Talk, More Stabbing

The Outer Limits: S1E31 “The Chameleon”

SFIFF Review: Spencer Provides an Elliptical Look Into the Impenetrable Life of Princess Diana

The Wonders I’ve Seen: 2×22, “Die Me, Dichotomy”

WTF ASIA 183: Princess From The Moon (1987)


Ad Space – A Somewhat More Honest Beer Commercial

All Things Cricket: October 22nd

Avocado Cleaning Thread Falls into Autumn

The Avocado Parenting Thread Hits A Milestone

Color Outside the Lines: Ur Thoughts Here

An Idiot’s 2021 NBA Preview

The Nature Thread

NFL Week 7/CFB Live Thread

Weekly YouTube Thread (10/18)


Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2009-2012: Top 512 (Part 15 of 16)

Smash Tournament: Melee Quarterfinals