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The Wednesday Politics Thread Settles into a Groove

Bit by bit, we’re making it through January. And hopefully having a better time of it than the House Republicans. Let’s see what’s happened on this day in the past:

2022: Biden gave a speech on voting rights. Fauci caught on microphone calling Senator Roger Marshall a moron. Children in New York City staged a walkout to protest going to school amidst the Omicron wave.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: Our long national upvote nightmare is finally over. One Giant Leap looked at Sonic Adventure. A Riff-Along Thread with The Mads.

2021: 3200 comments was enough to break the PT and cause a second thread to be posted. The fallout of the insurrection and the second impeachment against Donald Trump.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: A state of the site town hall. Jeopardy Recap talked about Ken Jennings’ hosting debut. A roundup of December 2020’s gaming news.

2020: “Mad Fucking Witches” in Australia pushing back against the Murdoch empire. Protests in Iran. The ways history textbooks are adapted for different states.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: Frinkiac challenge! And enjoy a pet thread.

2019: The government was *still* shut down. Trump had flirted with declaring a state of emergency at the border, but decided not to. AOC quoted Watchmen. The Federalist complains about the “flaccidity” of modern culture compared to World War I days.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: Best video game tournament for the 3D years entered its elimination round. Let’s Read Canadian Homes and Gardens, August 1956. This, That, or the Other?

2018: A conversation about #MeToo and how sometimes it’s framed as an inevitable result of the patriarchy. Trump’s “shithole countries” remark.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: The Carousel revisited Mad Men season 5, episode 4. The New Mutants got delayed. The Good Place aired the ninth episode of its second season.

Happy Wednesday, Avocados! Be kind, be thoughtful, and read articles before just posting headlines.