The Avocado

The Official “I’d Like My Upvotes Back, Please” Thread

Ok so, Disqus is now able to restore (some, maybe not all, but most) upvotes. Here is what you need to do:

1 – If you would like your upvotes back, please post below. Make sure if you are on an alternate account that you post your DISQUS NAME of the account that you want the upvotes restored on. Disqus names aren’t your user name. It’s the @ name when you click on your profile.

2 – Don’t ask to restore upvotes to an account you don’t plan on using again. They are having to manually do this and I don’t want people wasting time if that account is long buried.

3 – Make sure to be nice, ok?

4 – ONCE YOU GET YOUR UPVOTES BACK, DELETE YOUR COMMENT IN THIS THREAD. If you don’t, I will so that it’s easier to go through here and scan the comments.

UPDATE: You cannot combine, merge or move upvotes. They are locked to the account that received them.

I don’t know the timeline for this happening. This is just a central location for them to see who needs to have their totals reset. Might be a week, might be a day, I have no idea. So far, it’s been quick but it may take some time so be patient.

Going to leave this up and pinned for a few days.