Silly Rabbit! Night Threads Are for Kids! (1/11/22)

The Trix rabbit has been desperately trying to get a taste of his own cereal since his animated debut in 1959 (the cereal itself first arrived on the market in 1954). Though his efforts have mostly been Sisyphean, he has eaten from the forbidden bowl a few times (sources vary regarding how often) — once in a commercial in which his disguise as a balloon vendor is successful long enough for him to gobble down a few sinful bites, once in what turns out to be a dream, and multiple times as a result of mail-in voting campaigns in which children voted overwhelmingly to let the rabbit eat some cereal, damn.

In 2016, to commemorate General Mills removing all artificial colors and flavors from Trix, a Texan bunny named Cinnabun won the title of honorary Real Trix Rabbit:

Meanwhile, the real Trix rabbit (called Tricks) is over 60 years old and hasn’t tasted his namesake in almost 35 years. And you thought you had it rough!

Have a good Night Thread, Avocados! Eat cereal for dinner if you want! No one’s gonna stop you, especially not those damn weiner kids.