Werewolf 162: Friday the 13th Part 2! Day Eight

Midnight was a presence Kitty could feel suffocatingly settling over Camp Aroo Lake. There was no moon nor stars; the only source of light coming from the occasional flick of Kitty’s lighter. They’d quit smoking but reflexively played with their lighter.

An Unmotivational Speaker.

A Nudeballs Crocodile.

A Gummi Bear come to life.

These were Kitty’s companions now and they lay slumbering in random positions.

“Kitty my dear, you chose the wrong fucking week to quit drinking, now didn’t you.”


Three snoring compadres.


An owl gently hooted.


The Bosch-like image of the Nudie Croc would stick with Kitty for a loooooooong assed time.


A twig snaps nearby.


“Hello? Who’s out there! Don’t fuck with me because this Kitty’s got claws!”



Getting to their feet Kitty flicked the lighter and made their way to the Cabin, up onto the porch, and over to one of the railings.


“I’m serious! Show yourself right now, coward!”


Something white leapt out of the woods startling Kitty who dropped their lighter and stumbled over the railing falling directly into the ice shaving machine spraying bits and pieces of Kitty all over the main yard and covering the slumbering companions. To bad someone hadn’t cared enough to shut off the machine.


The cutest little white rabbit timidly approached the ice shaver, licked a blob of blood, and disappeared into the woods.

Welcome to Day Eight.


THE HEAD COUNSELOR: Each Night reads a Player of their choice as Camper or Counselor. If they read Jason they die.

THE CAMP NURSE: Each Night can Heal but not Block a Player. Can’t Heal the same Player on consecutive nights but can heal themselves. If they Heal Jason they die.

THE CHICKENSHIT: Each night they can hide behind a different Player. If The Chickenshit is targeted to die that Player dies instead. If the Player they’re hiding behind is targeted to die they both die.

14 11 5 3 1 CAMPER: Vanilla Town

3 2 1PARTY HEARTY COUNSELORS: Vanilla Wolves except for one:

THE LOOKOUT: Will be told if a chosen Player has a Night Action, though not what that Action is.

JASON: Serial Killer. At the beginning of each Day their Kill will be RNG’d between Day or Night Kill. Day Kills cannot be Healed. If the Head Counselor, Camp Nurse, or Lookout use their powers on Jason they die.


-Three comments per day or possible Mod Kill.

-No direct quoting from QTs.

-Attack people, not arguments…wait, no, the other way around!

-No editing of posts.

-Ties at Twilight will be RNG’d.

-Have fun!


1) Gruffi Gummi- Gruffi Gummi

2) Jam- Spam Musubi A CAMPER

3) Mac- Nudeballs Crocodile

4) Mustard- Chastity Pureheart A CAMPER

5) Marlowe- “John Smith”

6) Hayes- Raz A CAMPER

7) Grumos- Momiji Sohma A Camper

8) Ralph- Goofus & Gallant The Lookout

9) jake- Jessie from around the corner A CAMPER

10) sic- Pastor Jake J-Dawg Johnson The Camp Nurse

11) emm- Kitty WITNESS A CAMPER

12) Mrs. Queequeg- Gill A Camper

Lucky number 13) Smokey- Lord Batchly-ingtonworthingsburg Smokeystackington IV A Camper

14) Copywight- Frédéric Chopin A CAMPER

15) Side- Wendy A CAMPER

16) Nate- Not a Nurse A Camper

17) Lindsay- 11 year old Lindsay The Head Counselor

18) Dice-diddy- Elvira, Mistress of the Dark 🦇 A CAMPER

19) raven- Stacey McGill JASON

20) Tiff? Tiff!- Jason Momoa Party Hearty Counselor

21) Kierkegaardless- Francis Johnson A CAMPER


1) Louie

Twilight will be MONDAY THE 13TH at 13:13 hours 🔪🔪🔪

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