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The Wednesday Politics Thread Acknowledges the Kinjapocalypse

Happy Wednesday! We’re near deep in winter… in the southern hemisphere. Which is not where I am. Although even in the global south, it seems like it’s been overall pretty warm. Hope you’re staying cool today. This day is important for the community, because it’s the anniversary of the Kinjapocalypse, when AVC made the switchover from Disqus to Kinja. Of course, the deterioration of the G/O Media sphere continues with two high profile departures: The firing of Kotaku EIC Patricia Hernandez and the resignation of Jezebel’s EIC Laura Bassett. It’s a shame how much the umbrella of websites has deteriorated over the years.

What else happened on this day in Avocado history? Let’s take a look.

2022: Black hole sounds (neat!). Erdogan showed some support for Ukraine. A report on racial disparities in performance evaluations in the NYT times. 
Elsewhere on The Avocado: History thread acknowledged the opening of the world wide web. The day thread acknowledged the 5th anniversary of the Kinjapocalypse.

2021: Vaccine approval! Vaccine support! Things seemed pretty sunny there for a little while as vaccines became widely available, but the backlash was also really hitting. It was a weird summer.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: 30 day animal challenge asked about your favorite animal from Australia (mine is the platypus). Teaser trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Ad Space goes deep on analysis of commercials for Kayak.

2020: Brayden Harrington, the teen who spoke at the last night of the Democratic National Convention, spoke to NBC News about public speaking with a stutter – and his hopes to empower others who also stutter. Forest fires, COVID, and the impending Republican National Convention. It was kind of a shit summer.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: Lovecraft Country’s second episode, Whitey’s on the Moon. Animation Time. Sunday Food thread checks in on how people are handling the COVID shutdowns.  

2019: David Koch died. RBG had another round of treatment for pancreatic cancer. AOC critiques arguments in favor of the electoral college. We also had a longform political discussion thread for deeper conversation than the PT’s rapidfire
Elsewhere on The Avocado: Disney+ Showcase. This, That, or the Other. Job rants

2018: Unsurprising revelations that the National Enquirer was sitting on a lot of damaging Trump stories. Beto comes out strong in favor of athletes kneeling during the national anthem. Conversation about the way “nerds” can be and have been shitty and misogynistic.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: So You Think You Can Think (puzzle thread). Tournament for the Winner. And the one year anniversary of the Kinjapocalypse.

Be kind and thoughtful today. Cheers.