So You Think You Can Think: Puzzle #3

Hello Puzzle-cados. I’m back with a slightly more devilish puzzle than the last two. But first, let’s look at the answers from last week’s puzzle, in case you didn’t figure them out yourself:


1. precise crepe recipe
2. radical racial cardinal
3. comrade Democrat motorcade
4. Islander learns slander
5. stores sourest trousers
6. arid radio hairdo
7. quaint antique equation
8. meatloaf oatmeal tamale
9. seeing Genesis geniuses
10. predestine nerdiest president


This week, your job is to navigate the alphabet through the list of words below. All you need to do is select a single letter and add it to the END of a word, thereby forming an entirely different word. And you can only apply a given letter to ONE clued word for the entire puzzle (once you’ve used, say, “L” for one word, you can’t use it for another word). There’s only one set of solutions where each letter used is used only once.

Pretty simple, right?

Well…don’t go making assumptions!

One last thing: you’ll notice there are only 23 clued words below. This means there are three letters from the alphabet you WON’T be using. When you’ve eliminated all the usable letters, you’ll see why. Happy puzzling!

  1. ANT
  2. APE
  3. BARB
  4. BONDS
  5. COOK
  6. CURT
  7. FRIED
  8. FROM
  9. GOAL
  10. GONE
  11. GREW
  12. GUARD
  13. MAIN
  14. MELLOW
  15. MISS
  16. PAR
  17. PARROT
  18. PERV
  20. PRINTS
  21. RAID
  22. ROADIE
  23. RUG