Kinjapocalypse Anniversary Thread

It has been one year. One year since the Kinjapocalypse hit the world. One year since everything the people knew was destroyed. Some thought it wouldn’t be so bad, the leaders told them it wouldn’t be a big deal. They lied. The old world is dead. A few survivors still scavenge through the remains of the old world. Feeding on what little nourishment they can find. Most of the ones that could fled to a new place, a new home.  A green home. Full of life and places to spend time. Those who lived there already took them in and cared for them.  In return, they helped make their new home better.


One year ago today the mothership Kinjaed itself and lead to a bunch of new people coming to this site. A lot of people have joined and stayed become part of the site here.  Kinja is looked at as the bullet that killed the mothership, I personally think the site was dead beforehand, but that is a whole different conversation.

Lets all take a moment and think about all the good times people had at the old site. Good? Now that we are done with that, we can move on. I don’t know who joined the site a year ago and who is new and who is old guard. Lets hear it for all the cool people that joined a year ago (I am not included in that*) People lost a place they liked, but found another. As with the world good things come and go.


Have fun posting today.

*I joined at a later date.