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Tuesday’s Politics thread found more documents.

OK!! Shit keeps happening!!

First things first, three hundred classified documents:

Now I am not the most organized person in the world. I understand papers getting lost in the shuffle. But this is ridiculous. AND HE WENT THROUGH THEM HIMSELF!!!??? Every time I think we’ve hit bottom on the stupidity, he digs himself deeper.

I posted this thread last night about The Idiot’s legal filing yesterday. Worth the click-through and read:

Per that filing:

One more, sorry, I just can’t get over this:

So….organize your papers and make sure there isn’t anything from the CIA or anything in there. Did you check behind that box you use as a file cabinet for the odd nuclear secret? That’s where I found some in my house, dontcha know. Be cool, be kind, and beHAVE. Sheleeta out.