Still Sheltering? Sunday Food Thread 8/23

Here in the States we’re 5 months and change along on sheltering in and because not everyone is cooperating it doesn’t look like the end is nigh. How often are you cooking at home/getting carryout/eating out? I did a grocery run yesterday and while the shelves were pretty well stocked there were certain holes here and there. I didn’t bother with the paper goods aisle, the hoarding situation there seems to have somewhat passed but last time I did buy those goods they were noticeably more expensive than in the past.

How is it in places that aren’t the U.S.? I really hope there’s some sanity out there somewhere. I talked with my aunt who lives in southwestern France last week and while they’re still practicing distancing it’s not the tight lockdown situation they had in March.

Stay healthy and eat well Avocados!